How to get Code 19?

I played this game from the beginning, quit for a while and have started playing again. I have never once gotten a Code 19. Is there anyway to trigger them? Feel I will never complete the Code 19 mission

Code 19’s are kinda random. No way to trigger them that I’m aware of.

For me, code 19 happen everyday for the first 3 times in the morning while opening the game.

If there is no way to trigger them and I have never gotten one with as much time as I’ve put into this game, then I guess I’m not ever going to get past this mission :frowning:

Send a message in to support. You can try things like entering and exiting the Raptor Paddock or the Glossary/Information Center. Sometimes these transitions seem to trigger them


I get a lot of triggers for them when I go from Nublar to Sorna, but it is strange that they never seem to happen so I think calling support as @Andy_wan_kenobi suggested is your best bet.

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You have a ton of DNA, DB, and LP… how did you get them so high? And like everyone else said you will need to send a message to support so they can look at your account to see what is going on. For me on PST I get them starting at 4pm and usually get all daily three within 30-45 minutes of play time and they trigger when exiting something that takes you to the main island, or at least that’s what seems to happen.


Is your Tuojiangosaurus placed in your park, or is it in your asset repository? Maybe it’s just coincidence, but after the Code 19 was introduced, I played for MONTHS before getting my first one. And that only happened when I removed my Tuo from the repository. My thought was that Ludia set up the Code 19 with that Dino to be used as the tutorial, but if it’s in your repository, you’d never get the first one.

If it is placed in your park, then apparently that was just a bizarre coincidence. But I’d empty the repository just to be sure. I’d been getting Code 19’s in my second game all along, so I can’t think of any other reason for it. Both games are (and have been) at max level.


I started playing the game close to release, have saved a lot of resources over a long period of time. Definitely not a hacker if that’s what you are thinking, wouldn’t know how to hack if I wanted to, ha ha. Sent a message to support to see if they can help

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Takes a lot of discipline to save that much congratulations. @Coasterdude318 makes a great point make sure all of your creatures are out of your repository to eliminate that from an issue if you haven’t already.


@Coasterdude318 interesting observation!!

@Irene… Those resources :heart_eyes:

I don’t have room to take all my creatures out of storage. Doubt selling all my buildings would even do it. Took a few out including the one suggested but still no Code 19. I’m able to save resources because I never level my creatures much past a level 20 VIP creature and I have multiples of each creature so I can literally play tournaments for hours without ever having to spend any bucks to speed creatures up.

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I have all my dinos plus decorations plus some buildings on the main island. My second island is still absolute empty, that is why I cannot understand how you do not have enough space to place all your dinos in your park.
If I would have to, I would sell buildings without any doubt to have the opportunity to place dinos, but with the new island there’s definitely no need for that.
Before you ask, the only Jurassic I do not possess is Indominus Rex 2nd gen.

I took a break around the time the new island came out and recently started playing again so have not expanded the new island that far yet. Am working on it and will add creatures as I make space

Buildings serve little purpose other than look and feel. If you have a bunch of buildings and roads I could see possibly not having enough space in your park. But I am with @Tommi in that creature enclosures > buildings, always and when they introduced the new island they changed/got rid of the cap on creature enclosures in the park allowing folks to empty their repositories.

I could spend hours playing the tournaments as well I just always seem to be creating hybrids faster than I can save up any substantial amount of DNA.

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Just an update, did move most of my creatures out of storage and finally got the Code 19! Thanks for the help!


Is there a maximum number of Code 19s you can get in a day? I thought I’d seen it stated on here that three was the max, but I definitely just got four right in a row.

There has been some sort of changes recently we are not totally sure if it is intentional or not yet.