How to get Dino bucks fast

When you are high enough level to unlock the the trade harbor you can trade a boss statue and get hundreds of Dino bucks.But the game will have to give you the trade.

Stock apato fossils (you get about 300-500), trike heads (I don’t know how much)and john hammonds (200-400) in your market because I don’t know much people who want to trade their statues as you can’t buy them

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Trading legendary Dino’s and some hybrids will sometimes yield more dino bucks than fossil. If you don’t plan to use them, don’t force yourself to hatch them.

I have never left a trophy for long in my market, but I don’t think i have seen an offer to buy one. I think I did once get an offer for a revenue tower, but I can’t be sure(but why would you sell one).

There’s little reason to stock multiple types of statues vs. just the one that gets the highest trade value (apato fossil if unlocked). It won’t result in getting more trades… just more that are of lower value.

The only reason you might want to have more than 1 decoration is if your market is cluttered with tons of low value items. Say you had 20 different common and rare dinos unhatched in your market. trade harbor leans to buying jurassic dinos. So adding a Hammond would increase one possible higher value trade.

I don’t think trade harbor considers if you have 200 fossils in your market. They count as 1 category of trade item. If it counted them all individually, then people with empty markets would be hitting fossil trades at 99% as there would only be 1 food, 1 dna, 1 coin, 1 db, 1 lp, and 200 fossil.

I suspect fossil trade pops up 1/6th of the time and of those maybe 15-20% of the time are dino bucks. If you add a Hammond to your market, then you might increase your odds of hammond or fossil to 2/7th. Probability is not my strong suit, but I think you will have an increase of odds of hitting dino bucks with 2 choices.

At one point I had over 2000 unhatched dinos. I focused on hatching the jurassics up to super rare. I have left legendarys in my market and occasionally trade harbor selects them sometimes for really good amount of dinobucks, but even better when it’s lp. Sometimes700-1500+ lp.

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