How to get legendaries


I had been stuck around 3,500 for the past few weeks, worked really hard to collect DNA and finally got myself couple of Legendaries and finally broke through the 4,000 mark, then was immediately served by someone with truck load of Lengendaries (see screenshot):

What bothers me is: how did someone at only level 13 obtain so many Legendaries? What’s the secret to success?!


I’m level 13 and have 5 with another 3 that I’m 60-20 dna away from however I don’t have an indoraptor my irex is only level 18 :joy:

Level doesn’t really matter though you only increase level if you level dinos up this person might have only levelled up what they use.


I am currently at Level 13 and have 8 Legendaries (got all of them by Level 12) and 2 of them did not get a spot on my team :smiley:
Since they are just a combination of Epics/Rare/Commons, you need to focus on which ones you want, and then put effort on collecting those dinos required for hybrid. You can find the required dinos by hunting in the specific locals where they spawn.

Most of the people focus on getting their team strong. I was initially focussing on reaching the 100 dinos achievement and the only way of doing it was to get more legendaries.


Thanks guys! I wish I had known this earlier! Spent a lot of time (and gold) upgrading creatures I don’t need!


Yes, that is a bad thing I also regretdoing early in the game!
Ideally, you should collect all the DNAs you get (since you never know when a new hybrid might come out and a so-called useless dinosaur becomes OP), but do not evolve them even beyond Level 10 even though it is tempting for levelling up.

Some people evolve many commons to reach the 50 dinos at Level 11 achievement. But in the long run, you get many epics/legendaries which anyways start at Level 11/16 and also the hybrids.