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How to get loads of dna without breaking the game

How can I get loads of dna without breaking anything in the game

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Vip dna factory and by playing.


Tournaments and the boss missions are both good

Edit: by which I meant the occasional weekend boss battles, not the missions with your playable boss, sorry that was unclear


Play the game and don’t spend any


Yeah just playing the game routinely is enough to save up a decent amount of DNA but it takes some time.

As a non VIP player who doesn’t do too much PvE or PvP the bulk of my DNA comes from the trade harbor and tournaments. I don’t have a ton of DNA especially compared to lots of people on this board but I have enough to stay busy buying and hatching dino’s and I have steadily been building more DNA little by little all the while buying tournament dino’s and making tournament hybrids.

You can get decent DNA from the special boss events (not the daily boss battle PvE) but I don’t really do those much.

My DNA influx is enough to steadily support spending around 20k a week give or take and still build more. This isn’t very much compared to others or compared to how much some of the hybrids cost but again I’m non VIP and don’t really play many events so it’s just an example of what you can get without too much effort. For example I still need 6 PvE’s before I unlock this months CoT event and there is only around 7 days left for it so that’s averaging around 1 PvE per day.

Good luck, just keep at it


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Also one method of getting DNA that many players don’t make full use of are the Code 19’s. While coin production is improved by leveling up your creatures, the opposite is true of Code 19’s.The more numbers in the paddock, the higher the DNA rewards. The rarity level also increases the DNA rewards as well as the class, but better rewards also bumps up the difficulty. So I often will not level up paddocks that I have extra copies in unless I really need them at a higher level, to maximize the DNA rewards I can get. All my rare and legendary Jurassic paddocks for instance stay at 11 copies, and only get leveled up when I drop in a 12th copy. I would often stash paddocks that have poor rewards, either all the time, or stashing them right before the Code 19s go live and then putting them back out when they are completed. I leave all my common paddocks stashed for this reason even though they are good coin producers, as well as any paddock with only a single creature. If it doesn’t get at least 300 DNA for a perfect score, it doesn’t stay out in my park. I’m far enough along in the game that coin production isn’t something I even think about any more, it’s a bit more of a calculation when you are earlier in the game which to maximize more.

If you really want to max the rewards you could of course use the tool for stashing all paddocks right when they go live and just bring out your best scoring paddock each day to do all 6 Code 19s, and then put the paddocks out again, but again, you generally lose a lot of coin doing that let alone the time it takes to do it. But if maxing the DNA rewards is the goal, that’s certainly the best way to do it. My best scoring Code 19 paddock is Metriaphodon for instance, being a tournament hybrid (highest scoring rarity level), ptero class (highest scoring class) and generally always has 11-12 creatures in it, so maxed on numbers as well. That paddock with a perfect score gets me 1000+ DNA, so if I was able to leave just that one out and get perfect scores on it every time, that would be close to 7K of DNA every day. Now, I wouldn’t do because of all the time needed to put paddocks back and coins lost, but I do almost always get perfect scores on all carnivore paddocks (which get only 1 slider max) and maybe half the herbivore paddocks (which get 2), I’d estimate without stashing anything that I probably average 1500-2000 DNA a day if I attempt all the Code 19s. Not a bad take at all, but of course, it does take time to build up paddock numbers to improve the rewards… and to get consistently accurate on completing Code 19s as missing even a single target will drop the amount you get considerably.


Hey!! Here are my tips on DNA and how to maximize it

Firstly you will want to do every daily objective, this should give you 1000 dna on average.

Then, always get the free card packs, and if you can watch some ads to get more, that’s 1000 dna more.

Now do every event, that’s another 1000 dna.

Also, use Apatosaurus fossils for dna in trade harbor, at least you could get 1000 dna a day.

Also I found that you must have between 20-30 million coins and you will be offered coins to dna trade that could give you un average 2000 dna.

Take also coins to food trades, and then use food to dna when the trade appears, 10 million food can give you 2,000 DNA.

In the tournaments do as many battles as you can, also bosses battles gives tons of dna, get every bit.

Note: for this trades to be useful I recommend do not having mods stored, and storing just 4 Apatosaurus fossils, if a day went by and you did not get anything good refresh once the trades and once they don’t give anything good refresh and repeat.

Finally, do modded pvp, you will gain a lot of dinosaurs, then hatch the ones you won’t use (rares, super rares and legendaries) and sell them for extra dna.

By this you could easily get between 3,500 dna a day and 7,000 depending your luck on trades, that is between 30,000 dna a week and 50,000 dna. I’m using this method and usually I grind 200,000 each month and I’m not VIP, this will give you a lot of DNA for buying nice dinos

Hope it helps!!


Thanks for the tips


If you are a mid-late game player who is a non-VIP player who has access to Super Hybrids, selling said excess super hybrids can yield a high amount of DNA.

All at level 10:

Dimetriocarnus and Spinotasuchus both give 31,000
Monostego gives 12,000
Both indos gives 40,000
Tapejalo gives 24,000
Diplo gives 20,000

Both Diplo and Dimetri are the best super hybids to sell because they are below the 1k SDNA mark and are quicker to obtain. After those 2, Spinotasuchus because for 140 more SDNA he gives the same 31,000 DNA as Dimetri. After him, both Indos because Raptor DNA never goes out of rotation. Plus an Indo is useless if you dont have a balanced roster for one. They are just kinda costly to buy in the first place.

I legit sold all my Demetris because I had so many copies, on top of the countless other Carnivores I already have. (Plus I like Spinotasuchus more)


I’ve been selling dimetros because I’m not selling my indoraptors


@Mary_Jo Do you know how many carnivores you need for each of the DNA reward bumps?

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And @OstaposaurusBae too! I am shocked

Not really, but I shoot for around 390+ DNA for a perfect score in whatever paddocks I leave out in my park. I stash all common paddocks since they never reach that amount, and keep rare paddocks at 11 which is what generally gives that score. Legendaries I also tend to have a lot of copies with since those are pretty easy to come by in the game and not that long to hatch out a bunch of. Everything else I just keep as many copies as I can and stash a paddock if a Code 19 ends up with a really low score, until I add more copies to it. 1-2 copies of anything non-hybrid generally have to be stashed.

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If I wanted to focus just on tournament carnivores, what count do you recommend?

If we get a big discount on Easter, I’m going to try and top off a few paddocks. I was thinking 8 or 9? Knowing 11 is a magic number, I’m guessing not 10 at least.

I have not stacked up a standard tournament paddock yet so I can’t help with this question, but it is possible you won’t see much of an increase past 6 or 7 creatures. For instance with VIP creatures I don’t see any increase benefit in a paddock from 5-9 creatures meaning I get the same DNA and SDNA if there are 5 or 9, I just haven’t gotten one of these paddocks out past 9 yet to test 10,11, and 12. But each rarity does act differently so it will need to be tested.


Yeah there’s a maximum amount you can get for each rarity so once you reach that more copies aren’t going to increase your score, and the higher the rarity level, the sooner that is reached. 6 or 7 copies sounds about right to me as well for tournaments, but not sure I’ve ever had one with more than that many copies. Once I get up into the higher rarities I also am not as concerned with maximizing Code 19s because those are the ones that are more important to my lineups, and with tournament hybrids it doesn’t take many copies at all to get decent rewards.