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How to get loyal points quickly

The mastodonsaurus pack came out and I want to buy 2 to max it out , but I don’t have enough loyalty points what in the habor gives the most loyalty point

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John Hammond or AF

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trade legendary and or tournament creatures for LPs

Legendary jurassics custom can give anywhere from 300-600 give or take. Some legendary aquatics custom trades can give up to around 900 if you are lucky. Tournament creatures will be somewhat similar for custom trades.

Random trades will be much better typically for aquatic legendaries and tournament jurassics. Anywhere from 1k LPs up past 2k LPs

Other than that spend the 950 DB for the second spin on the stake holders PvE

Random food for LPs can be pretty good as well.

As non VIP I average around 10k LPs every 4 days just doing PvE, missions, and trades. I typically do 2 custom trades a day Apato fossils for LPs. Average around 600 LPs for the 2 trades. If I have a legendary jurassic to get rid of I will do that sometimes too and typically get a little more for those than the fossils.


This ^

Also to add if you have ceno creatures that can reach the elite prize wheel in ceno PvP there are prizes of between 100 lp and 500 lp and free respins, just another way to accumulate more lp


Grind PvP like it is going out of style.

I remember picking up well over 10k on a VIP week long ago when my ads worked reliably. I got 4x, which would be 2x now or 1x non VIP.

Now I only play PvP modded as PvP isn’t worth it without the second spin.

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