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How to get more "dino bucks"

As you can see we can only get “dino bucks” in card
packs, trade and a few special events. How can we
get some more?

Buy them for Real Money or purchase a Fidelity Membership.

Completing certain Daily Missions will earn a fee Dinobucks as well


Apatosaurus fossils trade for 400-500 bucks


Trade harbor and sometimes event packs, like shake the earth, that is where I get most of my bucks.

I agree, but you can’t really get a lot of it can you? I’m pretty sure that people can’t get as much dino bucks as you can get food or dna or coins.

Don’t forget about selling extra dinos. You get twice as much as a fidelity, so that could be 600 per day on custom trades.


This works best if your market is out of control and you can max the trade

True, True.