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How to get Sarcosuchus S-DNA?

Hi all,

I was wondering what everyoine is doing to try to scrounge up Sarco S-DNA. It is noticeably absent from Code 19’s, Super-DNA mission rewards and Event packs. All rewards seem to be focused on Raptor and Mono S-DNA. I’ve only been playing for a few months so I am not sure if this is the way it will always be, or if there is some kind of rotation where Ludia will allow us to acquire some Sarco and Kapro S-DNA at some point.

Outside of modded PvP, is there any way to try to get Sarco S-DNA? An 8% chance for a handful of S-DNA is just a really tough grind…

Ludia rotates the SDNA you get besides Velociraptor SDNA from time to time. It is Monolophosaurus at the moment and nobody knows when it is going to change. Until then I see no alternative to the methods you mentioned. You can hope for a special offer they sometimes do where you can get SDNA for an incredible high amount of DNA.

It used to be Sarcosuchus for a long time, long enough for me to get 3 lvl 40 Diplosuchus. So, it could still be a while before it returns.

Got it - thank you for the information. I’ve got a good amount of the Mono S-DNA now and will continue to stockpile, knowing that things will rotate at some point. Given that there are 4 types of S-DNA, other than Velociraptor, can I assume this rotates on a quarterly basis? If so, then based on the amount of time I have been playing, I would assume a rotation should be coming up soon.

Has anyone kept track of the frequency of changes?

Thanks again.

PvP modded can gives you some. S-DNA pack events come around once a week. Code-19s can also give you Sarcosuchus DNA.

Are the Code 19’s sarco right now? I don’t think they are, but they do change them once in awhile. Right now modded PvPs are the best way to get the sarco DNA, in addition to the rare times they show up in packs.


You will have to be patient. I also want diplosuchus but I can’t either…

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They are Euocephalus in the code 19 right now. If they offered Sarco. DNA, I might try to complete a code 19 (I stink at it).

Falconhawk, I have been playing since September '19 and Sarco. DNA has been pretty scarce. You could play the weekly Micro DNA event (if that hasn’t been mentioned) to get some. That’s the only place I have been pretty much guaranteed to get a little bit.

Yeah that’s what I thought it was. I find that the only way to get good at doing the Code 19s is doing them every single day, as a lot of it is just learning the timing and you just can’t pick it up doing them once in awhile. So don’t wait for a s-DNA you really want to show up to learn them!

I know sarco was in the daily missions when I started to play in March last year, and then it was moved to the Code 19s and was in there for quite some time, so I was able to build up a decent lineup of them. It’s definitely hard to get now but doing modded PvPs I’ve still been able to add 3 or 4 additional ones in the months where it’s not been easily found otherwise in the game.


Looks like I missed out. Yeah, you’re right … I’ve been putting off trying Code 19s but I guess I won’t get better unless I try again. Bye-bye, dinos. :persevere:

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Well, if you do have a tendency to let them loose, just check what paddock it is first before you attempt it. And I personally skipped anything but the 5 point ones until I could successfully do those. It’s a lot easier to learn when you aren’t dealing with the additional difficulty of different speeds that the higher ones introduce. No point doing the harder ones with my best dinos if I couldn’t do the easy ones! That helped keep the number of escapes to a minimum and then I added in the 8 point ones, and finally now the 10 point ones. I rarely ever lose a dino, but I still probably fail on at least half of the 10 point ones, just due to the darn slider which I am really terrible at. Because I now stash the majority of my 5 pt paddocks (anything that doesn’t get me at least 200+ DNA if perfectly completed) I get mostly 8 and 10 pt ones to do now.