How to get the new rare flock

Are there any new scents to unlock it? Is it known which zone it’s in yet?

I’ve already unlocked it from an inc but I’ve heard it’s in local 1


Local 1 all day spawn

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It’s in local 1. Darted it earlier today

An inc? how tell me your powers

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How do you know which local or zone you’re in?

And how can i find out?

And im sorry for asking a lot questions but, whats the radius range of an area/local?

look for dinos like galimimus glypton they are zone 1 dinos if syou see like blue compies mono the common parra the coomon your in zone 4 so zone one is i,m not exactly how far but above that.
p.s i still havent seen one

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Ok, thanks.

Neither have i, but im guessing they spawn near parks, as most of the flocks do.

just zone 1 i have darted 6 now

Area1? If area1 I’m in area1 right now I might set a giga scent tomorrow

These are from GamePress. They were made right before the update so they don’t reflect the new creature but this is reference to help you find the zone you’re in. The zones change the first Monday of every month.

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