How to get to the Top 500!


This is with respect to the new seasonal tournament, I will give you the real way to be among the Top 500 and get the unreal prizes from Ludia!

How to do it? HACK LUDIA!! Spoof, Hack and Cheat your way to the Top and win prizes.

My Story:
I really like Jurassic World Alive and I have been playing this game seriously since last 3 months. I am a working professional, however I spend a decent amount of time and money on the game as part of my recreation. I travel to work on a train everyday and journey at least 60 miles everyday, and all I do during this time is catch all the dinos that I can reach around the train track, with my enhanced batteries. I have spent a whopping $500 so far on various incubators and this is how my team looks like!

For all co-players:
With all the resources I have pooled in to play this game, I really wonder what one needs to do to be in the Top 500 players, other than cheating. How many Genuine players are there and how much have they spent? Since Ludia anyways cannot disclose such details, I request co-players to post how much they have spent so far and what they have achieved to get a sense. For eg. How much do you have to spend to get a Magnapyrritor for example?

Also remember, it is not that you spend $100 and get 15000 cash and open two premium incubators and get a unique dino. If you have opened enough incubators, you would know the kind of crappy dinos you get in them (common dinos which have no hybrids like dracorex gen 2, lythronax, tarbosaurus etc. Worthless pieces of crap). So unless people have spent probably about $2000 to $3000 I dont imagine them getting enough DNA to create even 1 unique dino, leave alone a team of unique dinos. Just look at the top players on the board. Do you really think they are legit?

To Ludia:
It is great to see you make an effort to keep the play fair, however you are missing the point. Hackers and cheaters are always gonna be around. There is no getting rid of them. By going through the whole self-disclosure and stuff you are not achieving anything good.

How to get rid of Cheaters? You dont. Let them be in the system. If they are on top of the leaderboard, let them be. They have worked hard to hack your systems, spoof around and be on top of the leaderboard, let them get their sense of achievement. They deserve it.

But, how to keep the game fair? Identification of the cheaters is good enough. If you can do that well, that is enough. No action is needed to get rid of them. Once identified, you can make sure that the prices of Top 500 go to the top legit players you know, by removing the list of cheaters you have identified from the leaderboard. Again, you dont show this on the leaderboard by removing the cheaters, they wanna see their names on top, let them see it. As far as rewards are concerned, they dont need any. They already have the most powerful dinos of the game leveled up at level 25+. Rather give the rewards to other deserving fair players who dont have a life and are spending their time and money on this.

Everyone stays happy!


happy to help you out here, since many people seem to think paying is a necessity to reach the top, which isnt the case…
I was number 5 ranked during the reset, and I’ve spent around 200 euro on level-up-offers, getting both cash and coins.
Spend all the cash only on coin offers, and you should be fine to get a team of legendaries all well above 20.

Another thing to keep in mind, you get more DNA per dart as you level up, and fusing DNA is way more cost efficient for XP than leveling is.
So grind for stegodeus and tragodistis as they are very easy to get, and your DNA gains for legendaries and event dino’s go up way beyond incubator gains.

I do this 2 hours a day, by bike and I live in a large town with all 4 zones which makes life easier for me, but hard work will get you far :slight_smile:


I play an hour, maybe 2 hours a day. I started 1st week of june. I have 5 leg and only a few sinoceratops from more. Ive spent about $45 on the game. Yes it is possible for people who are either getting out there and grinding or spending money to have unique dinos


I was at 4100 trophies post reset. Purely f2p, not spent a cent on vip or incubator but grinding heavily daily since release. I also travel large distance to and from work daily and play in a couple different zones daily plus several battles.
I only got indominus rex from the recent event and I’m always needing DNA from dinos that don’t spawn in my areas plus coins holds me back from leveling anything other thst my main team. Currently saving up to lvl Stegodues for 50k
Since the 1.3 patch all I see around my work at lunch is apatosaurs and stegosaurs, and night t home nodosaurs and some kapro. Otherwise i rarely grt much else dna wise lately :frowning:


Even Einiosaurus is quite hard to spot this days. I was a bit surprised to find quite a lot at night :thinking: