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How to get Xp?

What’s the best way to get Xp because I’ve been stuck on lvl 43 for ages.

The best way ( at least for me ) is to expand park and evolve high rarity creatures. And of course one of the best ways is to place John Hammond statues becouse they are making quite a lot of xp for just decoration ( but costs like 1 milion coins but really who cares about coins now? )

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If you have the coin production buy build and sell decorations. You’ll get a lot of speed this way.


See this post

Edit: I would add to it to complete Story Missions


Once you hit level 54,
Spam build apatosaurus fossils, insane amount of exp!
They also go for quite some resources in the trade harbour!

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Missions. Some are really easy, like the “have 5 max carnivores”, “complete battle stage 74”, and have 20 apatosaurus fossils.

10 chrs