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How to grind Aquatic and Ceno Super Rares

I’m trying to build up my non-Jurassic dinos.

DNA is some what hard to come by in large amounts in this game, so I want to save my DNA for things I have to buy and can’t otherwise get in the game (like tournament hybrids).

I was doing a lot of coins->dino and I’m getting a lot of legendary Aquatic and Cenos over time. (And has worked GREAT! Those guys are DNA expensive!)

Just I really want to get the super rare hybrids unlocked for Ceno and Aquatic.

I also don’t have all of the correct super rares unlocked, hence the further desire to not do it in a spend DNA way.

Aquatic PvP has a couple, but at 1% seems like it would take forever.

If only Aquatic PvP modded yielded Aquatic prizes. :frowning:

Are there any other custom trades that might help?

Any other ideas that I am missing? (Other than wait it out playing the long game?)

I don’t know what some of the others will advise… almost all of my ceno/aquatic SRs have come from the daily packs or the lottery. If I’ve gotten a SR ceno or aquatic in a custom trade (coins, food or DNA), it’s been a hybrid one not regular SR. Which is probably why I have more legendaries of those classes than I do of SRs. Hopefully one of the other players will have a better answer!

Aquatic pvp yields aquatic Dino’s at 10% or higher. But you have zero shot at a hybrid. Most of the 10% will be legendary. I would guess maybe 2% being super rare aquatic.

Pvp Cenozoic vs land is Only way to get Cenozoic and even less likely to yield a Super rare. Your odds are about 1%.

Your really going to have to wait for unlock. Maybe if you Have lower than max coins for custom trades might yield more super rare and hybrids. Super rare Hybrid aquatic and Cenozoic are not cost effective dinos. They are pretty much glass cannons. Fairly easy to kill. Vips are easier to get, and you can save your dna.

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Yeah, I’ve been review the dino spreadsheet and maybe I just want the unlocked for “completion” reasons.

Some of the tournament aquatics I have unlocked are better at Level20 than the super hybrids for a bit less total DNA.

Slowly grind them from events…

If you have lots of food maybe you can try trading Food->Aquatics/Cenozoics.

Nothing beats the vip aquatics. If Your not too leveled up, 20’s will kill. 30’s are pretty much unbeatable and refresh every 12 hours or less.

Cenozoic is a different story. Some Vips are unbalanced glass cannons, so you have to fight carefully. Plus you end up with Jurassic opponents and loose class advantages.

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I don’t see how glass cannons are unbalanced. I personally like them the most, sweeps entire teams, fast cooldown.

because your at the whim of who goes first and how the opponent sets his lineup. glass cannon can be dead before it gets a chance to attack. I dont like banking on a 50/50. I rather win 99% of the time. if the game was against live competition, things might be different.

If you put in the glass cannon first, then it’s basically dead. Always put it in 2nd or 3rd, there are some decent meat shield cenozoic VIPs.

obviously, but they are still easy to plan for and easy to kill. give me 3 high hp(3 to 1 ratio) of 3 different classes and I will win easily against whatever the computer can dig up.

Have lots of goes (7 or 8) and the glass cannon is safe.