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How to Guide - Increase the chances to Win in Arena


Before we begin:

  1. This game doesn’t take skill.

  2. This game doesn’t take much knowledge.

  3. Metahubs list is only 75% accurate

  4. RNG works both ways.

  5. They are in the same balance patch as you.

  6. 5,000 Trophies or Rank 1 doesn’t mean anything.

The first thing I want to comment on is keeping track of trade wins and trade losses… and what your win condition is. In other games you would consider this your micro and macro game. Your micro would be the 1 vs 1 dinosaur battle. The macro would be the overall battle and setting yourself up to win.

I set a point system up that I follow during the battle. (Keep track in head, it’s not hard)(You can do a more advanced tracking method if you want… but this one works fine for this games mechanics)

debuff +1 / -1

Micro - Did I set up a turn advantage?

crit +1/ -1

Micro - How big of a turn advantage did I get from a Crit?

stun +1 / -1

Micro - How big of a turn advantage did I get from Stuns?

Cloak +1 / -1

Micro - How big of a turn advantage did I get from a Cloak?

Turn Advantage +1 / -1

If you keep track of turn advantage you can reflect on the shatterpoints of the battle and track RNG. They got ‘X’ advantage because of ‘X’ happened here. If your turn advantage is positive then RNG or strategy worked in your favor. If it is negative then it worked against you. Usually I find that the trade win/loss value is pretty balanced with the exception of Cloak. Even though Cloak battles are 50/50 sometimes you or the opponent can get a far greater trade win/loss out of the winner of a cloak duel.

Keep in mind that other game mechanics do exist… like Speed, Shields, Counter, and Instant Act

Macro - Did my dinosaur survive with enough health to attack at least once on the next dinosaur?

Macro - Do I win with speed on the last dinosaur?

Macro - Do I win with a Counter of the last dinosaur?

If you do all of this you will start to get a better understanding of the subtleness of the win… and not just “RNG only hurts me” “Spoofers” “p2w” “higher lvl” ect.

Matchup Tips (Just some… not all)

If both dinosaurs on the field have a first turn Slowing debuff and your dinosaur attacks second. Use Superiority strike over Thagomizer.

Stegodeus vs Stegoceratops

(if stunlocked) 1 > Superiority Strike 2 > Shield 3 > Thagomizer 4 > Armor Piercing

(if not stunlocked) 1) Superiority Strike 2 > Shield > Armor Pierce 4 > Finish

Anything Low vs Velociraptor (Any Raptor… but mostly Vrap)

If you have something low out that you know the opponent is going to use Strike instead of Pounce then swap to a high health dino that counters them with either Shields, Debuffs, or Counter ect. The reason raptor is crap at high levels is because it only has two attacks and can’t gamble with them to trade efficiently.

vs Indominus

This will typically only work vs Indominus because of his speed. If you know they are going to use Cloak… switch on that turn to a dinosaur that is faster and has Nullify or a dinosaur of any speed that has Instant Shield. If you do this against Erlidom or Indorap… you will most likely take too much dmg on the swap and just get out sped next turn and dead.

Finish your Opponents

Many times I have seen people lose because they tried to finish the opponent with a strike or basic move… just for the opponent to swap and gain a favorable speed advantage over you. You always want to finish you opponent with an ability that will still set you up to win if he has a final swap play available. For example - Finish with Shield or a Debuff just in case they swap to a raptor that can out-speed and kill you.


Learning when to swap can really net you a huge advantage in your battles. You know your opponent is going to use a low dmg first turn attack to finish you off. That gives you the opportunity to swap to something else and take minimal damage.

Also… you want to try to tank as much as you can with your Dino before you do the swap. If you know that the opponent is going to use a debut to finish your dinosaur… then tank it so the dino you send in doesn’t get two attacks on it before it goes once. Just be very mindful of you and your opponents swap potential. The biggest difference I see in skullcap in this game comes from knowing counter-play and swap mechanics.

Cloak Duels

Cloak gives you a 50% chance to avoid damage, if you both use it at the same time you’ll both have 50% chance to hit and 50% to dodge, depending on who goes first.

Either way you have a 50% chance to win followed by a 50% chance to not die if your opponent dodges.

If you cloak second, you get a free hit try in, 50% chance to dodge and 100% chance to hit since your opponent will now be out of his dodge. (minus evasion)

Stegodeus vs Einiasuchus

First turn debuff. If you think your opponent is smart and will use adrenaline to cleanse… then use thagomizer. It will ensure he is slower the entire fight. After that if you can finish use Armor Pierce… if not use Shield.


1 > Superiority Strike 2 > Shield 3 > Armor Pierce 4 > Finish

(If you think your opponent will use Cleanse to start turn 2)

1 > Superiority Strike 2 > Thagomizer 3 > Shield 4 > Armor Pierce

***All of the information should be accurate… However level disparity would obviously factor into the matchup trading.

***I will continue to add to this if people find it helpful or want me add more details/parameters to my system and/or add more matchups.

Just some thoughts (A MUST READ...maybe? Prolly not.)