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How to have boost without anger

I am still at low level but I am seeing boost everywhere so I have thought of a solution

If you believe that you are fighting real people

Make a randomizer to pick out how many boost is allowed

You go into a battle it will tell you how many boost is allowed eg(5)so if your creature has 10 boost it will be reduced to 5

If you think you are fighting bots

Before you go into a battle you can choose how many boost you want you and your opponent can have

If you really hate boost you can choose to have no boost but if you are OK with a bit of boost it’s your choice

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Well, there should be a limit on boost themselves. But much lower than what it is.

And fighting bots should be a boost-less fight. To give fairness.

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The problem with the idea is that having boosts would become pointless then, because everyone could get the same rewards without spending any. Plus it would be more difficult to be matched up against an opponent, since they would be spread throughout the different levels of boosts.


But it’s also good to boost it to high level as the max maybe 20

The only way the boost system would be fair is if you couldn’t buy them, at all, and when you refunded boosts, you got all 100 back. The current one is stupid.


They could remove boosts and give you a different currency. Like 1 boost equals 1,000 gold or 100 bucks.

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There was an old idea proposed on boost limitations based upon rarity, eg unique you can only apply say five boosts, legendary 10, epic 15 and so on which I believe can help promote variety


I think a fair boost use could be like a limit of 10 boosts per status, no more than 15 boosts per dino. Enough to make my Rex better than another Rex on some aspect, but it’s still a Rex.

At 2000 HC per 100 boosts that’s a bit low and seeing as people pay real money for them they’d probably have to go back thru and refund every boost ever purchased.

While I’m not against no boosts at all I think a better idea would be to massively drop the amount of boosts you can have on one dino. 30 boosts per dino with a max of 20 to one stat is a bit much IMHO

oh, I was talking about one boost equaling that much. One hundred boosts should equal 100,000 gold or 2,000 bucks.