How to Implement a Marine Class System

Surface Creatures

Given the whole premise of the surface of the water being just a generally advantageous position, I feel as though it would be best to make surface moves have something to do with evasion and ferocity. Evasion because the reflective surface of the water makes it more difficult to see the things beneath, and ferocity because you get a boost if things cannot see you.

Most things in a “surface class” would be combinations of cunning and fierce, so there would be lots of evasion, high speed, high damage and ferocity to be found. Stuff like this, maybe:

Cave Creatures

Ocean caves are known for being large, spacious places. They tend to be deeper in the sea, and are made of stone and other such materials. Because of this, I feel Cave creatures would focus on shields and distraction. Shields, because the caves are made of rock, which is a rather hard substance, and distraction because it’s rather difficult to see.

Most things in the Cave class would be a combination of resilients and cunnings. So some armor, shields, distraction, maybe the occasional dodge or two.

** Reef Creatures**

Reefs are known for windy pathways, sharp pieces of coral and being home to lots of forms of life. Ideally, the main focuses would be deceleration and speed increases. Deceleration because most creatures wouldn’t be able to navigate well, and speed increases because the creatures adapted for the areas would have an easy time navigating.

That said, I did mention that reefs are a home to many many forms of life. So, I feel as though all the other miscellaneous stuff would be shoved in here. Attributes like healing, cleanse, nullification and really just anything and everything. Even in JWtG, creatures like Kronosaurus are part of reefs, and they’d likely bring attributes like defense shattering. Creatures like Archelon would bring massive amounts of armor.

So, to recap. The Reef section would contain a lot of Wild Cards, but if we’re sticking to purely boundary lines, it would probably focus more on resilient fierce creatures (given what class combinations the other two sections specialize in). So these were a few of my ideas:


Its hard to implement a new class system while building in aspects of the current system. At least not without being incredibly restrictive. I would just have them re-use the current system, especially if they’re going to be using some of the same moves.

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I like it a lot, but surface rampage seems a little much for T1, so I’d say give it a delay, other than that it looks good

just for my own amusement, Liopleurodon needs to be OP.
The magical Liopleurodon


I actually really like these ideas

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I also will say, that there is a lot of cunning and resil creatures. not enough pure fierce imo.
And Mosa can have a signature move since it was she who took down Indom in the movies.

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Love the concept :heart_eyes:

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anomalocaris should be cave

It actually was a surface predator.

fierce beats reef
Reef beats Resilient
Cunning beats Surface
Surface beats Fierce
Resilient beats Cave
Cave beats Cunning

If we could remove the Arthropods in favor of more vertebrates I would love the creature selection here.

Maybe add:

Megalodon (Epic)
Livyatan (Epic)
Basilosaurus (Epic)
Tylosaurus (Rare)
Xiphactinus (Rare)
Nothosaurus (Common)
Hesperornis (Common)

Nice but ideas but you’re making it too much like JW:tG. We’ve already sort of started that approach with the resilient-cunning-fierce and I’m not much of a fan of it in that game (it’s the main reason I stopped playing it).

You forgot to add stats to Banongimus.

The thing is, this isn’t really much of a countering class system, since the abilities are all over the place. For example, cave creatures have shields, so you’ll probably need a surface creature to beat them. But cave creatures also have distraction to counter the high attacks of surface creatures, so these classes counter one another. And what about reef creatures? Well, they have some of the fastest dinos and speed increase abilities. But they’re also the only group with Deceleration, so the best counter to a reef creature is another reef creature. Not to mention that some creatures don’t even fit the mold of their group in the first place, making relying on the surface-cave-reef class system not very useful for determining which creatures are good against another.

In the fierce-resilient-cunning class system, abilities were not assigned arbitrarily. Rather, the classes were born out of how different abilities interacted. This makes it very difficult to remix those abilities into new classes while maintaining a balanced system. I don’t know if it’s impossible, but it would require a ton of very careful planning.

Yeah, I don’t think we need a separate class system for aquatics.

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