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How to improve boosts

Remove speed boosts and so people don’t lose you can split them into health and attack boosts,

Alsowhen the Dino’s level up I see their health and attack go up, but not speed.

So do we really need speed boosts, because how annoying is a Thor with 140 speed.

  • Remove speed boosts and split them into health and attack boosts
  • Remove speed boosts and give us something like coins or cash
  • Keep speed boosts

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Nothing really wrong with speed. Everyone has an even playing field and can apply a total of 30 however they want.

Thors speed can increase to a maximum of 149, but who ever does that must spend 20/30 boost only on speed.

If you have a speedster like Erlidominus, you only need to apply 11 speed boosts to be faster than that Thor. Then you have 19 boosts to apply to health or attack while Thor will only have 10.

But if you want all your team to be faster then 149 speed you would need at least 88+ speed boosts and that is only if you are using fast creatures.

I see where you are coming from, but I find it is not an even playing field because some moves are too OP being at that speed or some moves are useless.

I think that if creatures like Thor were on an even playing field to actually fast creatures, like raptors, it would of been given something like 132 speed.

Speed only matter in speedsters battles. If you use tanks speed actually doesn’t matter. Beaten team with 171 speed Yoshi in it, with unboosted team, cause I had right team.

Speed will only win you matches where you can oneshot opponent dinos. Otherwise speed is irrelevant.

Though lowering speed boosts to boost speed only +1 each tier would make arena more balanced as chompers wouldn’t be able to outspeed speedsters.


That’s actually fair

I get where you’re coming from too. I used to have this feeling but now all the speedsters I face are always around 150. I run into soooo many dinosaurs quicker than Thor could be.

I don’t see how Ludia would alter this though, as they give everyone they same opportunity.

Spend them as you like.

Personally, I don’t want my Thor that fast. I would rather maximize its damage at 3000, and share the rest of the speed between health and speed

So many dinosaurs can easily be made quicker than 149

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This thread shows exactly why those of us who see speed as the balance factor in the game are clearly in the minority.

The vast majority of players simply want a quick way to get a win in the arena, and having a faster Dino will accomplish that.

However much we complain, Ludia knows we are in the minority, and most players will snap up speed boosts at every available opportunity.