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How to improve eagles (3 possible solutions)

so I was watching poukaidei, haast and haast g2 for a long time and the truth in PvP is not bad enough, since their star ability is “Fearles flap” which is like “cautious strike” only purifies.

I don’t see them in tournaments and that already makes me doubt them. I’ve seen techniques that can be done to beat Mortem, but they need help from overdriven dinos.

so i have 3 possible solutions:

1: Fearless flap x2

This skills needs a x2 attack, give it so that “fearless flap” is x2, I don’t find it crazy or unbalanced. does not interrupt with other abilities, as with resistant attacks it can be kept at bay (since it is a cunning attack)

Update to “Fearless flap”: Cleanse. 75% to dodge, 50% to distraction, damage x2.

Cooldown: 2 Delay: no delay

Note: Hybrids and superhybrid would also get these changes

2: medium skill, impact

if instead of “distraction” he gets “cunning impact” it would help him to fulfill and deal damage like the cunning creature that he is, good against the fierce and bad against the resilient. retains its cunning identity, with increased damage without altering its base damage

Note: Hybrids and superhybrid would also get these changes

I lean more to option 1, but I want to know your opinion :thinking:

3: Revenge distracting impact

thanks to the idea you gave me @Isaah_Wii, Instead of having “distraction” he gets “revenge distracting impact”, this way, he can use “Rampage” only if it comes with revenge(in case of haast g2, they get “revenge distracting strike”

  • Option 1
  • Option 2

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if your idea is option 3, leave it in comments :sweat_smile:

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I feel like for a creature with potential, a lot goes to waste … :grimacing:


Eagles are fine tbh. They absolutely destroy chompers, so they should be destroyed by resilient. I like it. High risk, high reward. If your opponent draws a chomper against your eagle, he’s doomed. If he draws a resilient, you’re instead

I would like option 1 but also distraction should be changed to cunning strike. Cunning combined with fearless flap would make Poukaidei a good option for Mortem Rex raids.
If not option 1, then the eagles just need a damage buff in general to maybe 1500

Also in general, evasive strike needs a buff so it dodges for 2 attacks in 1 turn, instead of only 1 attack in 1 turn. Counter-attackers destroy evasive strike users too easily now.


I liked this jaja

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I still feel like they should be better, you know?

If option one doesn’t come with a delay then yes. But i think I’d rather replace distraction for pounce instead.


There’s no way to improve eagles.

:eagle: :us: :fireworks: :+1:
Just kidding.:wink:


Well i think the hybrid deserves a better kit. I know resilients are suppossed kill cunnings but it could have immune to deceleration.


Haven’t delay, only 2-shift cooldown

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I don’t think any pure cunning should be immune to deceleration, that just breaks the system for no reason. They just need stronger multipliers for their kit instead of just 1x damage moves


Looking at other rampages, I imagine Ludia would give It a delay If It were a 2x move. And if that was the case it’s better to make other move into a rampage instead of fearless flap. Pounce is a good option since It can be used first turn.

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revenge distracting impact would be a good idea (haast eagle g2 gets “revenge distracting strike”)

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That’s a good idea

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My Poukaidei turned 19 and could probably try it out on my level 20-21 teams.

I have both the Haast and Haast G2 at 20 and they only fair well against creatures that don’t have slow or resilient strikes. Poukaidei does have a little more damage than the other 2 eagles at level 20.

Haast G2 - 858 damage
Haast - 895 damage
Poukaidei - 970 damage

I would say that fearless flap get at least 1.5x damage. That might balance them out a little.

I’ll have to say, none of these are a creatures I want to throw on a team as-is. These haven’t fared well on the easy strike towers.

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1.5x damage on fearless flap isn’t bad either. not bad (do you have haast lvl20? lol)
poukaidei will sooner or later have a superhybrid and I would like it to be good … that it does not have only attacks x1

Agreed, with that pitiful 1200 damage, it takes 4 turns to kill most chompers

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