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How to improve gyrospheres

A lot of people including me don’t like gyrospheres. So heres an idea on how they could be made better

  1. No lose after 1 defeat. 3 defeats maximum
  2. Better rewards : legendary, cenozoic and aquatic packs for normal gyrospheres
  3. More themed gyrosphere events : the only events for gyrospheres were the jp draft and the event where you can win an indominus rex
  4. More dinosaur choose options. 5 dinosaurs is just to few. Most creatures are already defeated at round 3

You’re right, gyrospheres are a rip off, for what they cost!

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Get rid of them…


That will never happen


I enjoy them, I just wish they had better rewards.

Meanwhile Boss and Modded Battles on the other hand… Axe them both :axe:


I disagree with getting rid of them. They aren’t bad, they just aren’t typically worth the cost.

I like how the last Dino’s affect the next, it directly rewards NOT sacking a Dino to win now over playing the long game-battle.

The cost needs to come down or the rewards increased.


250 db for either of these?:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If either offer came up in th for 250 db, would you accept?

And vip gyrosphere isn’t that much better, especially since you can get the better hybrids like tapejalo and carnoraptor for coins in ct.

If it weren’t for the waste of resources I would definitely play more gyrosphere events cause they are fun and different, but not with this cost/benefit. Common and rare hybrids are so not worth the trouble, give us a chance at winning sr hybrids and maybe even a 1% chance at winning something really cool like gorgosuchus…


I agree. By the time in the game I had the DB to play, I didn’t want common or rare hybrids anymore.

To be honest, where I am at now, I don’t really want super rare hybrids either…

But if the reward were in line with the price I’d still play.

Excuse me, but wasn’t there a gyrosphere that cost 50 DB for Easter?

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Not this year…

Just when there are the Boss missions where he asks to do a gyrosphere !!!

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Hmm what about Swamp Gyrosphere with Amphibians and Titanoboa, Gigantophis and some pterasaurs only like 2 or 3 and Spinosaurus
And maybe aquatic gyrospheres

Finally some wonderful ideas !!! :+1:

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That’s what i mean

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As previously mentioned, the real issues to me here are both the entry cost, and the rewards. I would add another point : impossible matchups.

I did only play Gyro (VIP) four times. Two times with Jurassic Creatures, one time with Aquatics, and finally once with Cenos.

Those with Jurassic were a cakewalk. In one of the final games, I beat the whole team (mainly herbivores if I recall correctly) with just my indoraptor left. Two complete successful gyrospheres, two Alangasaurus as rewards. Great, isn’t it ?

As for the Aqua and Ceno, I couldn’t make through stage two, as my top creature was inferior to the weakest one of the opposing team. And I got two Majungasaurus as rewards. Wich is great, I’ll be able to make Alangosaurus to go with the previous ones I earned. Right ? :unamused:

To sum it up :
-The entry cost is way too high
-The rewards are underwhelming, and certainly do not justify the 250DB
-Team making and matchups are inconsistent and sometimes don’t let any chance for the player to win


The real question is why under Pelecanipteryx there is written “Pelecachthylus”?

How did you play gyrosphere with aquatics!!

I did nothing special, did not decide. Maybe because I’m VIP ?

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Perhaps it’s a hint that pelecanipteryx is getting a s hybrid soon

Pelecanipteryx + Pterodactylus S-DNA = Pelecachthylus