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How to improve my team?

Well I changed my team a bit and I am at 3482 trophy I should improve it even more or that’s right


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depends…are u capable of getting uniques?

If u are, work towards tryko, gem, magnapyritor, tenontorex, erlikospyx etc.
Get trystronix, Tuoramoloch a good level for raids if u want apex creatures

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not really I can work thor tenon I think but not others

yeah work on the ones I told, it’ll be worth it in the end

Gradually get uniques like @Pranav_Vinod said. Save coin, it gets so expensive from 21 to 22, etc. Try out different teams and see what works best

did you try dropping that utasinoraptor?
maybe alloraptor or monolometrodon…
they play different strategies but maybe worth a try.

alloraptor is very good but i prefer not to play it and monolo don’t even need to talk about it uthasini is a very good dino for pvp thanks to him i rode a lot

Nerfed to the ground…

but still ellite high at 2.7?

I would swap out the Utahsinoraptor for the Alloraptor just of all that damage allo deals but thats just me

Erlidominus is op try getting him

It is

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good I do the fights and utasiniraptor bats allo so I prefer to keep it (in 1 v 1