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How to improve my team


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This is my current team, like I am sure many people are, I’ve been stuck in Lockdown for quite some time (since November). As seen I only have 3 Legendarys, and I am currently close to getting a Trago.

I made some mistakes in the past my upgrading common dinos, now I don’t really touch them, what suggestions does anybody recommend for my current team? Should I swap in or out? Or wait until I get more Legendary dinos?

Also for Legendary dinos which ones would be suggested? My current squad actually does well against most of the Legendary hybrids at the moment especially the Sino Hybrids and Mono hybrids so not really looking into those.


Your team looks good. Edmonto, Procera, sucho, the rat, indo rex should all stay in until they are level 20. You’re missing a tank, such as tragodistis. In the meantime you could try removing spinosaurus g2 for deinocheirus to introduce a fast hit and runner that synergyses well with the rat and edmonto? Another option is Alanqa lvl 15 to deny all damage from those cloaked indos…

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Thanks for the input giardinoni!

I used to have Deinocherius on my team for the longest time, the problem is that it would be easily defeated after two strikes, at least with Gen 2 Spino the lethal wound is strong (does more damage than Sucho) but the health is so low that it too barely survives past 2 strikes, but its lethal does more damage overall than Deino’s rampage plus speedup. I also like to have 2 bleeders on my team.

I like your idea with the Alanqa, though should I switch it in now or wait until I get its legendary hybrid?


I forgot that Deino doesn’t have hit and run!
Yes, Alanqa is useful at level 15 before its legendary. It’s main use is swap it in when you’re getting a strong attack that doesn’t break shields. It also can reduce speed to kill velociraptor, as another example. It’s also faster than its legendary, so that’s an advantage to use it right away.

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Your team is quite similar to mine.

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So you think I should swap Alanqa lv 15 for my Spino Gen 2?