How to improve (not using real money)

Hi everyone,

I’m opening this thread to receive some suggestions, if possible, to improve my dinos’ squad.
The very important thing is I don’t want to spend real money on the game, or maybe just a very few, because I play for fun, and fun is now constantly diminishing because of this persistent state of bad luck I’ve mentioned in other topics and the fact that other players have usually better teams and win easily.
This is my current squad at the moment.

On which dinos should I focus to improve?
According to you, which hybrids deserve to be created and empowered first?

Please consider it will often take me months and months to gather enough DNA for certain species, like Indominus Rex (I’m still very far from obtaining it as I just cannot find T-rex DNA for example).

Many thanks.

Don’t level Carno any higher, level Purutaurus to 15, then work toward Carnotarkus legendary.Sino DNA is needed for Utasinoraptor or Alosino, and since alliance rewards are now changed, it’s going to take you ages to get those because Sino DNA was used up to make the lvl 20 sino. If you level Erliko to 20, do not level her any further, keep working toward Indominus Rex up to 20 and make Erlidominus. I do not know yet how good Smilodon’s hybrid is, but you might want to save DNA for it. Concave now has a hybrid Diplovenator (with Diplocaulus Gen2, only needs lvl 15, seems to be anti-chomper / anti-dodger, not sure how good).

As for your T. Rex DNA problem, sanctuaries are the answer. If you have an alliance, ask for them to add some rex in the sanctuary. The more rex you can feed, the more DNA you can get. Just remember you get max DNA once every 3 hours per dino.

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Thank you for the suggestions.

Sanctuaries are those natural reserves in which you can keep dinos?
If yes I use them, but they cannot store T-rex for some reason, the same for my teammates: my team is not very active though.

You need a certain player level to store T.Rex. I am level 13, I guess you’ll need to level your player to 12 or 13 to store T.Rex. Is no one from your team around that level?

Unfortunately not, I’m the higher leveled player.
Thanks anyway, now I understand why I couldn’t store a T-rex.

Is playing in a good team important to obtain some results?
I see there are kind of weekly rewards, but doing all often by myself brings few benefits.

The bigger and more active the alliance, the better the rewards. I’m in a pretty small alliance too, and we can at best hit lvl 2 on Exploration and 1 on Defense, but we have a lvl 17 leader. We make use of the sanctuary sharing, and feeding/playing/interacting with epic dinos (such as Erliko and T.Rex) gives the highest Sanctuary Points.

Dart more dinos to get more DNA and level them up. The higher the level of the dino, the more DNA you get from the sanctuary. Don’t level dinos beyond the level at which they can start fusing their hybrids unless you think that they are better than their hybrids. Your Sino has already been overlevelled because its hybrids, Utasino, Allosino, and later Utarinex and Thor are far more better than Sino itself. You should have stopped at 15.


The fact about Sino is I always considered it the best dino around, at least considering reachable hybrids, and so I always wanted to have it at top level possible.
I will not level it up further anyway.
Also, I know Utahsino and Allosino are excellent hybrids, they often destroy me in the arena, but Allosaurus appears rarely and so I have very few of its DNA.
Instead, I have just now reached lvl 15 with Utahraptor and so I can start fusing the Utahsino.

Allosaurus is now the alliance reward for 2 weeks. Depends on where you live, I live in L3 where Allosaurus can be easily found. If it is difficult to find, then go for Utasino. Utahraptor is a common Rare.

How do you get this information, I mean, how can I know if a dino is common in my area or not?
Are there kind of maps around or things like that?

You may also download the mobile app JW Field Guide. There is more information in the app.
You can’t tell from the map which area you are in. You only have to look for the Common dinos spawning around you then you know which area you are in. For example, if you see Diplocaulus very often, then it is L3. If you see Suchomimus, then it is L4.

Very useful, thank you.

I really can’t tell in which area I live, as what I commonly find around seems a mix of all of them. :thinking:

Ah, I’m starting to see where all the high-leveled non-hybrid dinos are coming from.

For those that don’t browse the forum or reddits or just google jwa somewhat regularly while playing, things can get a bit disappointing. And I’m not surprised that many just kept leveling their dinos when the dna was available. After all, most games just tell you to get creatures to their highest level.

As stated before: Do not level dinos past their fusion level. At that point it is a good idea to google your best hybrid options (if there are more than one).

Other tips:

  • Get stingy with those resources! Coins can be hard to come by with smaller alliances, and cash isn’t always so easy to obtain. Dna can be arena exclusive, event exclusive, and area exclusive. Don’t just level up because you can, have a sort of goal in mind.

  • Research which hybrids and non-hybrids are best so you know who to level and how far.

  • Check reddit and these forums for advised dinos. There are some that fill specific roles better than others, and work better in higher arenas. (You can still mix in ones that you like, but try to compensate with advised dinos).

  • Keep a balanced team! It’s not good to have a majority of one role (tank, bleeder, nullifiers, chompers, etc.) as each role is much better in one of the main stats, which can be easily countered by a balanced team.

  • Be mindful of matchmaking criteria! Having more Legendaries and Uniques can still bump you up in matchmaking. (I dropped one of my two uniques and have had remarkably better match ups)

  • Consider joining another alliance! Sometimes as much fun as it is to be with friends in the same alliance, or lead your own, it can be frustrating when trying to meet alliance goals. There’s no shame in leaving a smaller, less active alliance for one filled almost to max with people who all work towards getting lv. 4 and 5 incubators.

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It means you most likely live close to multiple locals… if your seeing majungas on one part of a street and diplodocus on another that means that street is an l1 where the majungas spawn and an l3 where diplo spawn.

Which new creatures or hybrids to shoot for? That will depend on what you have access to. You will be limited to ones you can get enough DNA for to level up and fuse. Let’s take a look at what you have…

Looking over your posted crew, I would say you are a casual player as your high-level creatures are created from rewards. You do not spend a lot of time hunting. Judging by your resources up top, you do not have a lot of time for going out and spinning drops to gather coins. It looks like you rarely, if ever, max out on spins daily. Is this an accurate assessment?

I am not saying this is a bad thing!!! But in coming up with suggestions for team improvement it is necessary to evaluate what a player has to put into the game compared to what they can get out. A player who has limited time to put into a team will be different than someone who has more available resources to them. People can suggest to look at the top teams and shoot for all those end-game creatures. But if you are never going to be able to dart any of the ingredients, those end-game creatures are never going to happen for you. At least not in any kind of a time frame.

Ok. Based on that this is my short term suggestion. With the current match making, you have several creatures that are too high level on your crew. That level 20 Sino and 18 Einia are going to match you with much stronger opponents. Since you have nothing besides them at their levels to battle with, I bet when you do not get either picked in your 4, the battle goes very badly. When they get picked, you have a much better chance of winning. Correct?

I would suggest replacing them with something of similar level to your others, level 15 to 17. Yes, you are going to go on a losing streak, but you might be too high in trophies for your other creatures to deal with. You are getting lopsided matches because you are relying on two creatures instead of your whole team. To get anywhere near to fun battles, your weakest creature has to be viable in Arena alongside your strongest.

It is going to take you a long time (months and months) to be able to put together the resources to build hybrids with. Drop down in trophies a bit and try to enjoy the next few months while you gather DNA to start on hybrids at higher levels. You are better off at a trophy level where you can win enough (without a lot of frustration!) to keep an incubator running. They will give you a lot of valuable DNA, a well as useless DNA too.

Then, just start darting everything you can. Accumulate DNA from whatever you have available then see what you are able to create with it. Do not start fusing anything right now, do a bit of waiting and collecting. Save all your coins for now, just accumulate all you can. And lastly… Do not use any boosts on what you have now. Stockpile them for higher grade creatures.

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Stay in the level 15-16 level with your team so you don’t get into the really boosted teams. Work on patchy the rest of the month to get to 14-15. Work on getting the lion up cause its fun to play. Also the rhino guy. Common phorus is fun with its little chicken dance. Having more creature choices to make teams with will keep pvp from getting stagnant. Bleeders are useful.

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I really thank you all for your advice.

The reason I continued to level up dinos past lvl15 (for example) is I needed a good crew. Facing usually Sinoceratops, Einiasuchus and so on at lvl 17, 18, 19, etc. gave me the impression that they were good dinos, and so I wanted to have them myself and reduce the gap.
Of course I’m not leveling up less competitive dinos, unless necessary for fusing some hybrids.

Coins are very difficult to gather and I always try to spend them with care.

I didn’t know there was a known matchmaking criteria, is it written somewhere or it’s just speculation?

Your analysis is quite realistic.
I play on a daily basis but I don’t spend much time hunting because I find it frustrating. Don’t know if it’s my phone’s problem, but the game map is extremely slow to follow my direction and generally the gps seems not to work properly.
Add that, when hunting, I generally don’t see many interesting creatures and they often vanish as soon as I reach them (probably another gps malfunctioning? Don’t know).

I generally play to achieve daily missions, and sometimes I do not even accomplish all of them.
So, I can surely be defined a casual player. :slight_smile:

About my current matchmaking, in reality I don’t face opponents much stronger than me. Generally they are only a bit stronger: in fact I face stronger dinos.
A lvl 18 Indominus Rex, for example, is more than capable to wipeout my team, because I have nothing to kill it in one blow and he deals 4,000-5,000 damage so that I cannot stand it unless my opponent makes some mistakes (and it happens sometimes).
Also beasts like lvl 18 Utahsino and Allosino are too much for me, even if their level is not so different from my dinos.
I also face a lot of 17-20 Sinoceratops and Einiasuchus, and I generally lose to them because they always stun, inflict criticals, etc.

These are my main troubles as an arena player nowadays.

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Grind, grind and grind my friend. I’m talking max out your coins everyday. It’s taken me since launch to get a full team around level 24/25… then boosts happened lol.