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How to improve the game and playing experience

Hi all, just a few suggrstions to make this awesome game even better. Feel free to add any of your suggestions:

  1. option to have more than 1 team: this will make it easier to change teams quickly: for example for different strikes or experimental teams…and in the future for quick team change during live event pvp tournaments?
  2. add rewards for walking: 10 km walking is certain incubator rewards, 100 km another incubator, …
  3. add legendary incubator, perhaps even unique incubator
  4. release legendary in the will with a very low spawn rate

They have legendary incubator, those cost 5000 cash and give you 200 DNA of random legendary hybrid.

To be honest, that legendary incubator is terrible.
Although all incubators are too expensive, legendary incubators are still the second worthless in incubators.

The most worthless one is premium.

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