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How to Incorporate Aquatics into the game

Here is the way to add aquatics in:

So we have sanctuaries as little buildings that spawn on the map, that we can enter, right? well, how about this:

We have sewer grates, that you can enter, and travel into the ocean map, where you can dart aquatic creatures, collect supply drops, and access special aquatic sanctuaries for these creatures.

Some creatures could be hunting fish and constantly moving, and others could just stay still, we could have aquatic raids, it would be great.

Post some aquatics you want added, and your thoughts on this below

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I hope the mosasaurus and the megeladon ( i don’t know how to spell it…) will come to the game. These are my favorites.

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I hope your idea will come next update… whenever the update comes… i really hope soon…

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Really hope that Ludia will not add Aquatics that soon. Whenever they introduce something new / big, they will mess it up.

Let them first fix the mess we already have in the game (Apex, Balancing, Matchmaking, Bugs…)

Well I also need aquatics, but this game is turning from Jurassic world alive to History work alive


Am I the only one who doesn’t want aquatics ?

Love the idea!!



(A lot of charcaters)

But it would also require a separate arena to battle in since land dinos cannot survive in an aquatic environment unless they are amphibians.


Glad to see you speak for everyone . :rofl:

Aquatics would not work in this game , if you want aquatics go to Jurassic world the game .

No, he is not.

I dont want them either. As said, Ludia first should balance the existing creatures


While I think most want it. I don’t think it will come to the game due to, how it’s played, the MILLIONS of bugs that could come with, and the fact that ludia still needs to fix the game’s current state already.


I didn’t say they shouldn’t do that first, all i’m saying is that from what i’ve seen most players want aquatics in the game at some point

I hope we get whales and ichtyosaurs agian. I miss shonisaurus and basilosaurus