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How to increase your DNA harvesting!


Hello dino hunters!

Are you having trouble getting enough DNA? If so, I can help you increase the efficiency of your DNA collected!

Here’s a few tips I’ve put together after some time playing the game and understanding its mechanics. Lets talk about your darts, drone, and collecting DNA.

1. See that dino down the street? Tap on it. Notice the battery capacity in the top right? The battery level determines how much time you have for your drone to shoot darts and collect DNA. If that dino is too far away it will appear in red and you won’t be able to launch your drone. Now, if its yellow you can launch your drone but with less amount of time than if it were full. If its too far away just get closer and you’ll see that the battery level will begin to rise. When its full or nearly full hit LAUNCH!

2. Now you will see the dino in a thermal image. DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING YET! There’s a few things you should know! Before you put your finger on the screen notice whats happening. The battery isn’t draining, the dino is completely stationary, and the target is getting bigger! Use this to your advantage. The battery won’t begin to drain until you’ve fired your first shot. The dino won’t move until you’ve shot at it (if you miss completely it still won’t move). Take this opportunity to line your first shot up with the bigger white dot in the middle of the target. When you hit the target right in the middle it will count as a direct hit! You should always get a direct hit as your first shot as there is no excuse not to.

3. There is a max amount of DNA that can be obtained from a direct hit and it is related to your profile level. You can check the max DNA per direct hit on your profile page. The direct hit displayed is for common level dinos. The direct hit max decreases with the rarity of the dino but increases with each level up! The max DNA is 10 + (your level) for common dinos.

4. So how do you even get a direct hit?! The trick is to lead your shots. By this I mean don’t set your crosshair directly on the white spot. Manuever your thumb/finger very lightly to move your crosshair just in front of the middle of the target and release. The dinos like to move around and change direction so be sure your leading the target in the same direction. The dino will essentially walk right into the dart and give you a direct hit!

With these tips you should have no trouble getting as much DNA as possible!

Happy Hunting!


You said to get closer. How do you do that? I only seem to be able to spin around the spot I am in to see what is around me.


Walk to the target you are trying to catch


Put on your shoes and open the front door, then go onto the streets and walk towards the dinos. (Of course you need GPS and a data plan unless you are in a zone which has free WiFi.)