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How to introduce small creatures to the game: The Featherweight League

Greeting everyone
I’ve been thinking on how Ludia would introduce small dinosaurs and other creatures that wouldn’t fit in a battle against big dinos such as T-Rex
It would work by making an enviroment for them (just like the biodome or the aquarium) placed somewhere in Isla Sorna and also making battles exclusively for them and that would be known as…


A place where you would raise small dinos such as a fan favourite


but also other many creatures:













But also would include prehistoric insects like:










But tell me what do you think?
what other creatures would you include?
how would you classify them ?

all ideas and comments are welcome


I would love this like the raptor paddock, where you get some kind of reward out of it by doing something!

Also I think some of these creatures should be just regular dinos, not in THE FEATHERWEIGHT LEAGUE

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Same. Gerrothorax, dilong and Arthropleura are big enough to serve as normal animals


Wow u got a butt load of new creatures for the game
Well if this will come to the game I want it in isla borna side 3 lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Perfect, but I am pretty sure kudia would never release all those insect looking creature, sinc htey are mot dino nor cenozoic
also this guy too:
Jurassic World Evolution 2 [Images] - IGN
Bambiraptor | Dinosaur Wiki | Fandom


Not in battles or a new type of creature, but something like the raptor paddock.

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No, I’d rather have new dinos and hybrids. We need core improvements to the mid and high tier rosters, not more fluff. This would be a playable bosses 2.0 situation, where they would have no impact on the core game.


I agree with that part but don’t you think even the core of this game is so linear? I mean, we are already playing a so very monotonous game as all we are doing is to collect dinos and having them facing with an already determined AI with a scripted gameplay. :confused: Adding more high ends would not change this despite I want it as much as you do. But adding variety to that, but not like they did with the bosses, at least would give us a chance to explore different species.

Furthermore, I’m not saying it with an empty back pack. I have some good deeds inside. Here you can find some of them, as such that would have a great impact to the very core of the game. These kinda things I think, would actually change the joy levels of this game, rather than adding some more similar creatures but only with different/stronger stats and appearance, with an hope of which they could compete with some other high ends that are sitting on the throne for a long time. Still they can add of course, I like it as I’m saying. But only if they really tend to add some “other” good deals. Otherwise it only serves to the collective part of the game I think. Which I like, but I wanna test my line up throughout some different tasks with some good rewards. Finishing it with these simple questions:

“In which areas a maxed out Indoraptor serves as a benefit?” or “What else an high end roster could serve more than a cosmetic showdown?”

We all are nothing but collectors here at the end of the day, showing each others our stamp collections from time to time or enjoying it all ourselves at home.

Just an opinion though.

Here is the stuff inside. :school_satchel:


Yes I looked through it already :grin:

All great ideas, however we are stuck with physical limitations. For example, the Code 19s are just reused paddock code with a few bells and whistles. Thus we aren’t going to get much new gameplay elements. We are only kinda stuck with the battle events, and addition of new dinos.

I would love a more in-depth control feature that is inline with the premise of the game; you’re running Jurassic World. Thus adding actual gyrospheres, megapaddocks, visitors walking around the park, maybe isla nublar too. But we now run into technical limitations. This is a basic phone and tablet game. It can already just barely handle what we have now, so adding mini people, new animations, etc might not be physically possible.

Thus we are left with the battle’s we have now, and new dinos.

Ludia isn’t pumping very much money into the development of new dinos, even hybrids and shybrids. Thus we are getting ported content from Alive. Ludia tried to shake things up by adding playable bosses but it’s just reused content turned into a cute little side quest with no point in doing.

That’s why I’ve come to expect these dino releases, ported or not. 6 years into this game, there isn’t a lot of developmental focus or room to expand and integrate. We just kinda have to deal with what we have.

Thus I don’t oppose new dinos or even ports really, it’s the mechanics of this idea that I am against. A new paddock. Side-quest like gameplay elements. I’d rather that attention and focus is directed at improving what works best in this game.

I would be quite satisfied if we got regular dino, especially hybrid and s-hybrid releases. Instead we get occasional ports and are left bored for extended period’s of time until 1 hybrid is released a quarter. Heck, it’s been almost 9 months since the last S-Hybrid came out.

In an ideal world, I’d support all these ideas. But in reality it’s proven that Ludia has very little interest left in this game. Dare I say when most/all ports from Alive are carried over, we might have one or two final updates that cut this game off from a development standpoint, and might put it on life support for a while so it doesn’t die out when development stops.


It could be something like the boss events

You couldn’t describe the whole situation any better. I’ve read every bit of you wrote, twice. You are absolute right on this. Let’s forget what’ve said earlier, I’m leaving in a dreamland so does the child in me.

You are far more realistic than I am. You are basically saying, let’s enjoy it at the most when the show is still on. And hope they might give us something, at least as written on the ticket we bought.

And that’s what I call harsh reality. My former days as an intern at intensive care units of our hospital, came vividly alive in my mind after reading these. The days that all we can do was to apply a bit much of a treatment, that only relieves the pain during the final days of a patient.

Reality over dreams, everytime.

P.S. Oh I also marked yours as a later on reminder. In case I forget the reality, once again.


And this isn’t a bad thing! It just sucks when reality breaks in and sets limitations.

I’m just trying to encourage ideas that are in the realm of possible. In 2017, I would’ve bent over and begged Ludia for your ideas, but in the present year of 2021 there are far too many constraints.

Yes, but I don’t want to encourage you from sharing ideas no matter how unrealistic. I just want to advise you against getting attached to them :wink:


Yes I see. You are so very kind, thanks. :blue_heart:

Actually the only bit of memory that I am really attached to is, the first time I saw the animatronic of T-Rex on that stormy downpour scene with children in the car, scared to death. And the waves on the water in the cup, right before the scene. Beyond all that, are nothing but the works of art belong to that naughty child still living along in me. :slight_smile:

Some feelings in life, are buried down in your mind so deep as nothing could ever erase them out. Wish the developer team was on the same boat with us. But the profit boat seems much larger and stronger seemingly. Like we are in the lifeboats as they are in Titanic, dreams vs. reality.

But let’s not forget; while the reality sinking down, dreams may save you.

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I mean, the Devs DO love this game, it’s any artist’s attachment to their works. The only constraint is that it can’t be a free work. Even if the Devs take home no pay, it still costs money for the servers.

So it’s a weird blend of reality meeting dreams.


I’m afraid I don’t believe any kind of art would rise in an environment of constraints, as an artist myself.

Even the restrictions around the forum kinda restrains me from unleashing my full power of humor for example. As a result, I find myself picking the right words and images like a cartoon artist does while preparing books for children.

So does the same a developer, I think. And we have a dull gameplay and a restricted design, as a result. I wouldn’t call it art, but a job. A type of work that you get payed at the end of the day.

I haven’t sold any of my artwork until this day for instance, demand was high especially around my people but I prefered to give them away to the ones with the most appreciation. 'Cause that, and only that, was my reward and my next inspiration. The smile on their faces. Not the money in my pocket. And whenever I see the money comes first in any duty, that duty loses its uniquity.

I’m a realist, never been a dreamer. Except art. Art was the only exception in my entire life, that I find as an escape from the outer world.


Depends. If you are making an oil painting on canvas, then you can’t suddenly turn that into a sculpture made of aluminum. Sure, you technically can, but I’m talking about turning one resource into another, if that makes sense.

Yes, but an artist can do a job as much as a job can be art. It’s just the passion that goes into it that makes the difference.

Ah, then I see you and me are very much alike :wink: