How to judge Dinos

I’ve searched the forum for tier-lists, but can’t really find an answer to my question on how to judge dinosaurs. Unfortunately, there is far too little information in the game. You don’t see anything about cooldowns until you use a dino for the first time and you can only see the strength in very few places. Some information I can find in the wiki.

However, I’m stuck with a specific question: There’s this event with the tickets every day. What does that mean in English? Price Blessing? At the end of a week you can still buy the gold and diamond prizes for Dino-Buks. Since I’m well equipped with Buks, I like doing it. But what is the difference between the price of gold and diamond? Both are legendary animals, only the diamond prize costs three times as much. Could it be that the animals of both prizes are of comparable strength, but the diamond animals have particularly short cooldowns? There is, for example, the Arcanthosaurus among them, which is really great in this regard. I don’t know if it’s worth taking the diamond prices. It’s always just one of the two.

What is your recommendation and why?


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Here are a few helpful threads in that arena. They’re something of tier lists themselves: Dino Data Spreadsheet and The De-Mystifying of Ferocity... Hopefully :)

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The diamond prizes are VIP legendaries (not all are VIP)
These VIP creatures are considerably stronger than the gold prizes which are tournament legendaries. You unlock these by tournaments that come out most of the time every weekend