How to keep the hatchery clear? (Out of DBs) Lev69 Park

Last week, I cleared my hatchery out on Tuesday. Used most of my DB. I kept it clean by Thursday.

Thursday, I bought 3x 7 day dinos for as I got the 20% off DNA, planning to clear them the next Tuesday.

However it was a good week for collecting cards and even after buying out what was left of the 3x 7day dinos, my 5K DB couldn’t buy out the several dinos eggs left. This was mostly due to getting 3 more 7day dinos over the week.

Was buying 3x 7day dinos on Thursday’s 20% off my mistake?

I’m fearing I’ve nerfed my Trade Harbor for a week and won’t be able to catch back up. :frowning:

I’m a younger park, so I still hatch everything I get. Do I need to start selling off some of the extras? I have so little of the higher up stuff unlocked, so I really don’t want to do that yet.

I was down to my last 15DB and did a PvP for a daily mission and the game took pity on me and gave me a 100DB spin at least.

You have laid out your options already. If you already have something “unlocked” you could sell the extra cards you have in the custom trade feature of the TH for LP (best value trade IMO) or for a different resource. I will generally sell around one - two legendaries a day in the regular TH offers depending what I have picked up from the daily events. For instance I missed the hatchery speed up this morning so I have my last three slots full in the hatchery. I do not have any current creatures to hatch but once I complete today’s missions I will have at least one legendary (VIP event) and something from the monsters of the deep event either Rare, SR, or legendary. The Rare or SR I could put in my first slot for the day but if I get two legendaries I won’t put either one in the first slot and wait for offers in the TH for them hopefully food or DNA.

I was hopping for some great solution I missed. :slight_smile:

If I hang on to them to try to hatch them all out, what is the estimated loss in standard trade harbor deals I’ll be missing? Most of what I have left, I don’t have unlocked as I need 1 of many of the ones I had unlocked for leveling an existing one up and bought those or started hatching them this morning.

I guess today’s tip is, don’t fill up on 7day dinos if you want to hatch you’re weeks worth of cards!

Which cards are the best to buy out? It feels like on a per min/hour/day basis, the 7day dinos are a better DB deal than the shorter ones. I want to say the 7day dino was 1100DB (about 157DB/day) and the 1.75 day dino was about 400DB (about 230DB/day). Is this mapped out somewhere?

yes if you like math :slight_smile:

Its a linear function of cost once you get past about 4 hours.

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I LOVE math, which is why I dig this game so much. I like doing the math to find the most efficient path for things.


Considering how I work in the research field… I LOVE all the statistics you put together. :slight_smile: Even regression lines now!

I assume you mean keeping your Market clear? Most of us typically have stuff in the Hatchery most of the time… I don’t know that I ever have it empty.

It is impressive that you’ve managed to keep stuff cleared out this long. It all depends on your priorities I guess. I wanted to hatch out everything I found in the game and make level 40s of them, particularly since so many of them ultimately become hybrids so never traded anything, and as a newer player there just weren’t many opportunities to earn DBs, so the market backlog grew and grew, until I had close to 300 creatures in there. As my priorities shifted, I’ve been able to collect a LOT more DBs, take any DNA/DB/LP/Food trades for things like legendaries that I don’t particularly need more of, and use the Hatchery discount on Tuesdays to work on the backlog and I’m now maybe one or two weeks away from clearing it out fully. I definitely hope to keep it empty going forward from there.

I expect as you get a bit further in the game and start acquiring more of the legendaries and tournament creatures you may find it harder to keep up with them for awhile, but that’s a pretty natural progression in the game.


Yeah, I mean the market place.

Until I signed up for VIP a couple of weeks ago, Legendary dinos were maybe 4 a week. And I just didn’t generate enough DNA (1000K ads and other events) to hatch maybe 2 more a week. So, sure, it was busy 1/2 the week, the other half was other lower stuff.

I also just unlocked my first 7 day dino in COT this month as I just hit park level 60 3 weeks ago.

With VIP, relative to before VIP, I have DNA coming out of my ears. I spent maybe 10K over the weekend on common dinos in the first chamber/evolving them and added maybe 10 lev 40s (aka 80 commons), way upping my coin production.

Also, with VIP I have the lottery, which gets me one gold pack, one diamond pack and normally 1 extra 7 day dino card over the week. AND the VIP events.

It’s a great problem to have.

VIP speeds everything up in this game, but the hatchery. If I didn’t do VIP, I’d still be ok.

I can only imagine how this will all go once I can finish Tournaments in the dominator legaue. I sneaked into it one time in the last one. Than I’ll get that extra card AND the unlock. :slight_smile:

I’m a young park moving into a not so young park. Growing problems. And this forum has been great in helping me along the way.


I am Level 71 right now, almost similar in level.

I have over 250+ dinos to hatch and I spent 17K DBs this morning just hatching tournament dinos, they were 1100-1300 DBs each. Not really sure if it was worth it, didn’t really improve my game much.

I used to hatch 7-day dinos about a month ago (never bought any for DNA yet), and realized that I needed 2 of the same ones at least to make a Lv20 to go with my Lv10 VIP dinos - ferocity-wise. Same with Legendaries, needed 4 of the same one to match ferocity of Lv10 VIP dino. So, I constantly just hatch everything Super Rare and lower on all 4 hatching chambers, (SR only on #2-4). This has helped keep dino count down somewhat.

Unless you’re keen on having 0 dinos to hatch, I wouldn’t worry.

You said that you are a VIP now, you will be getting extra dinos more often now from the Prize Drop. Save DBs to hatch for later, I would focus on getting more VIP dinos and how to improve to get into Dominator League.

With TH, I started to sell Legendaries that I have over 8 of for LP offers of 1500 or more. Since I trade my DNA in TH for LPs at a ratio of 2:1 or sometimes less than 2, I take those trades to save for 10K LP packs. If you don’t care about aquatics too much, I would save Psephoderma to trade for LPs. I’ve traded a couple for 1600-1700 LPs.

Yeah you definitely want to hatch VIPs as fast as you get them. With the 7-day tournaments, I kept a close eye on which ones I needed for hybrids, working on the easiest to make first. I would hit the market discount on Thursday to get the 20% discount and then if I didn’t want them taking up space in the hatchery, use DBs to do a fast hatching on the Tuesday morning discount time. My hatchery would typically have the first spot reserved for commons and rares during the day and SRs overnight, and then the next spot used for a 7-day, and then the last two working on legendaries. I would try to do a pair at a time or use my spreadsheet to find ones fairly close so they would finish at the same time, and ideally the last set close to when the 7-day tournament one finishes. That minimizes the amount of DBs I would have to spend by not always refilling the 50-DB one on the end. The non-hybrid tournies I would hatch a copy of if it’s in any of the badges, but otherwise I just left them or would take trade offers if they showed up.

Now I’ve progressed to the point that I almost always have the last 3 spots doing 7-day hybrids or tournies, but once in awhile I still drop tournaments in there, particularly ceno and aquatics that I haven’t done a lvl 40 on yet.

At the peak I had about 100 dinos in my market to hatch. Then I began to speed up everything except legendaries instantly and legendaries as soon as the costs are lower than 500 bucks.
On the speedup discount day I speed up everything that’s in my chambers at the moment, no matter the costs.
It took some months, but now I’m constantly down to 2 to 10 dinos that are waiting to be hatched.
I try to acquire bucks wherever I can and up to now I’m not lower on bucks as I was when I started my new strategy.


I’m finally below 100 myself! Closing in quickly on just 50, although I still can’t bring myself to take trade offers for coins even though it probably would be worth it just to clear everything out of the market.

And I am also at a point where I’ve decided to stop buying mods and trading off all but the ones I use regularly. It’s weird to have a park full of coins and not be running off to spend them and collect more, but I definitely have more than enough mods to handle the next mod tournament or three that come up, and need to start clearing out all the extras and work towards eventually taking the jump to not keeping mods on hand at all.

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Happy “Cake Day” @Mary_Jo !

I think I’m going to try what @Tommi does, with spending bucks to hatch anything below 500DBs. I hatched a lot of the 7-day tournaments that I received since I started playing and it set me back 17K DB. Takes about 2-3 weeks for me to gather that.

Just trying to hatch all of my SRs now for the SR hybrids before I get into Legendary hybrids.


Not sure what the cake is for as my birthday was a month ago! April Fools perhaps? :wink:

I hang onto all my 7-days until the Hatchery discount and doing them then. With the s-hybrids I make sure not to buy them until then so they don’t sit in my inventory. It’s annoying that the market discount is on Thursdays so anything I buy then sits in there for almost a whole week, so once I get down to an empty market I may start hatching stuff immediately and use CDs before the discount.

Anniversary of joining the forum?


Ah yeah, that’s it! Cute.