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How to kill allosinco

How do you kill him I am loosing so much jut because of him he is always boosted to like 1200 attack and he had amour and a lot of health and the instant charge and always getting the crit
I drops from 3587 to 3217

Invest in Phorasaura, Diloranosaurus, Carnotaurkus, Monomimus, anything with distracting or evasive abilities…


tyrannolophosaur is a good choice, make sure to go for DI on the first turn and your good.


His own brother and cousin Utasinoraptor and Utarinex handle him pretty well. As well as those suggest above.


Make him has 0hp

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Use indom, cloak + pray and luck


Yup that is what I do most of the time and guess what luck is always laughing at me every time not once has that instant charge always go through dodge I think that something they are not telling us

OK will try maybe carno

Monolometrodon and Dipvenator

Monolometrodon is awesome for this purpose and so much more. A budget Magna.

Big problem with that. Most of them are hard to get while allosino is available to basically everyone because of how common its ingredients are.

Monolometrodon is probably the cheapest Allisino counter. Faster, can distract, immune to stuns, can pierce armor.

Tyrannolophosaur can take it, so can Indominus, and anything that has an immunity to stun and can distract.

Erlikogamma is another amazing counter. The 75% dmg reduction helps a lot. Most of the time you’ll take less damage than a strike

But I have a problem with that
Start match

Gamma vs allo

G distracting
A either one of the rampage
G pounce (but no)
A instant charge
G pounce
A either rampage
And the end gamma dies as I face up allo 20 with crazy boost like


I think my problem is not him it’s the boost so I think I can join the gaming beaver group of hating boost


Definitely boosts the creature is easy to beat without boosts. Welcome to the gang

Yeah boosts are the worst they defeat the whole purpose of balancing creatures.

Cunning creatures should work since allo is pure fierce and fierce usually loses to cunning

Try Monolometrodon like some others suggested. It’s immune to stuns, pretty fast (Allosino needs 7 Speed boosts to out-pace it), and can chunk through armor.

Lead with Distracting Impact, follow up with Rampage. You’ll be able to clean up on the third turn with Fierce, especially if you put a Damage boost or two on it.

Yup I am OK with it now