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How to kill indom

Nerf indom/revenge cloak/erdom the main problem with them is the revenge cloak i when a creature dies and it comes in with revenge firstly it’s does 3× extra, really that’s too much ludia I am OK with devastation as you give it creatures with low attack or like really weak but it’s like giving mortem Rex revenge cloak than giving it fierce devastation not surprised if you do that but the main point is it has no cool down after revenge cloak it can just do
Come in
Revenge cloak
Amour piercing Rampage
Amour piercing rampage

If that is a level 30 it can do
18750 damage if he got critical on both turns that can kill a T Rex boss man that is really a lot of damage

And you might say you cam use instant invincibility but that is only for one turn the next turn he can do a lot too
Please please ludia Nerf it give it a cool down after revenge like 3 cool down it’s too op
Erdom not not as bad as it can’t go through amour so if you have carbonemys it isn’t that bad but it’s still needs a cooldown

I disagree. We have a lot of resilient creatures that could end this cloak, except that we have a 25% chance of doing total damage and eliminating the creature.


Ya but we need it to have a cool down if not it can do so much

What do you mean it’s op? Like every other creature in the game has a resilient move, so it’s easy to remove cloak.


But the resilient creature will get killed even if it removes cloak as that is still 3750

There are ardentis out there with 9k health


OK but that is for high level players who unlocked it what about me

What do I do now my “best counters” for Indom is gamma or mono

What low level counters do your suggest

And he should not be resistant to render that’s why I can’t use draco

monolometrodon, erlikogamma, smilodon, sarcorixis and even carbonemys if u r faster or have your devastation ready


Rixis and Monotrodon can remove cloak.

Gamma can use Distraction and is precise.


The sarco hybrid

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And all the sauropods, ceratopsians, stegosaurids, and tany

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But again rixis is a health tank so he will get killed easily

not necessarily, sarcorixis beats indominus almost all the time


A level 11 rixis can do 1800 dmg with a ferocious impact, and then resilient strike for 1200

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Just now I played I went from 3137

And I have been there for like forever

Are you sure? If she managed to get rid of the cloak, she could do high damage with her Ferocious Impact.

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And with a apr indom at level 16 does 1800 damage, while a fresh rixis has 2k

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I don’t know maybe I should give rix a try than thanks