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How to kill overpowered TRYKO & THOR - Any ideas ? I suggest using SWAP-IN-BLEED

Everyone who been in the Arena last days have seen powerful THOR & TRYKO.

How to beat this dinos, if you missed the boosting or have to weak dinos?

I camed up with an idea of changing (for those who have) Dracoceratops, to a dino who can give SWAP-IN-BLEED.

The greatest is that ”SIB” work for any level your dino have.
This will start a clock for your opponent, and maby taking away that health you need to make a comeback…?

More tactic, not only Rampage…?!

Any other good ideas ?

hope for a couple dodges

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But if the THOR is faster, your prio will not work if THOR uses instant.

If timing, the instant, by swapping to bleed. It dies, and you will make 1500+ damage anyway.

Could be an idea :slight_smile:

OK - Dodge a couple and be faster? My Thor can lay down 5300 first move, 145 speed… RUN

The update made it clear that thor can reign uncontested over 50% of the time. Best bet is RNG

I use a boosted tryo to take down trykos, or I sacrifice my spino to bleed them.

Thor I just close my eyes and pray they don’t get a crit. Haha, but boosted utah is pretty legit for handling thor if they come out at the same time.




Boosted Magna or Rinex. Best counter would be Erlikospyx, but not many have it.

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Players who don’t found boosts during the weekend?

Or players in lower arenas?

Or kids who dosen’t have ATM-Cards?

Any good way to use any of the other 140+ dinos in the collection?

Swap in distraction?

The 140 dinos will have limited use in some of the other tournaments… some of the over leveled commons and rares are gonna have their day to shine as each seems to its tournament… only the skill tournaments have levels set for you so if you wanna compete in these other tournaments your gonna need some high leveled non uniques/legendaries to do so.

Monomimus has a nice new move few know about… swap in 100% dodge. After that, evasive stance can be used. Erlidominus (cloak) and Indoraptor (evasive) at least give you a 50% chance.

Suchotator’s bleed also works well.

Good RNG may be your only hope…

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Was wondering if it made sense to start beefing up Monomimus again…


This new bird from 1.7 with swap-in-dodge, is also cool :slightly_smiling_face:

Wish it got bleed aswell.

Yeah. 100% dodge + prio bleed!

I did the Monostego way.
Never looked back.

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