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How to level fast without spending lots of coins?



I am level 15 and want to reach level 16 (around 40% exp left), so buy one time offer as soon as possible.

Any suggestions to level faster without spending loads of coins?



Level your lowest dinos


For increasing personal level to maximize dna/coin collection from dailies, strikes, and incubators. I did the following to get to level 19. I wanted to rush my personal level to gain more from the featured (especially the legendaries) and gain more gold per day. I max gold each night at reset anyway, and do every single strike tower each day.

Collect Hybrid ingredients and fuse fuse fuse. Only level hybrid dino to continue fusing. Best set is Einiasuchus and Sarcorixis since the Sarco eats the Einia dna up as it fuses. Also Indorex/Indoraptor once you have Indorex/Velo at level 20.

Fusing not leveling made my personal level skyrocket much faster. But it still took several OTO to level maxed hybrids to enable more fusions to do it. I also leveled every dino in the dex to at least level 10 (cheapest coin usage for XP). [Like Heather said]

That was my personal experience, I’m sure there are others that likely know other maybe even better routes to take.


The lowest I have are level 10+ :frowning:

Is fusing DNA gives level exp?



You get about a 4-1 ratio back. So spend 10,000 coins on fusing will give you over 40,000 XP.

Don’t look at your XP right away. It can take 30 minutes after fusing before it shows up