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How to level up faster

How to level up faster.

Here are my tips for WW.

First: Gold and Gems
The game revolves around these. Obviously, the whole damn game is based on purchases and “free offers.” You need gold to upgrade and level up, and gems to buy gold.

Upgrading gear: It took me a few levels to realize this. All that useless junk, that you think you don’t want for your character, is valuable, never sell anything. Every time you earn enough of an item to upgrade that item, you get experience points! So upgrade everything, whether you are using it or not. Was slogging my way through 5th level when I noticed this, made going through 5-6-7th levels a breeze.

This leads to the next tip, pay attention to challenge offers. Especially if they offer double gems, or double gear, using either is a good way to level up characters. The double gem challenge I slogged through a few times and was able to get 500 gems, was able to purchase 10k gold. It helped a lot. The double gear was really good for upping my character a couple levels. As I said before, even if it’s something you don’t have equipped, every time you level it up, it gives experience points.

Tapjoy: Scroll through the free offers, found a few that were pretty good. One was free and linked my bank account to texts, that send me my balance every morning. Will actually keep that one. Another allowed me to “test” a detergent for free with a $1 shipping fee and gave me a whole lot of gems. Was able to get another 10k in gold for essentially a buck. That’s the only purchase I’ve made other than doing a few surveys and I made 30k in gold through gem purchases.

Fight tips: Look, everybody has their own style. I use two range attack characters and two heavy hitters. The range softens them up, then as they close the distance my tanks come in. I also tend to focus all on one opponent to kill, then the next, then the next. Maybe some people don’t like this strategy but let me make one point. Even is you knock a character down to one damn hit point, IT CAN STILL INFLICT FULL DAMAGE. So if you’re in a 4 on 4 situation and you rely on trading blows, you can take a lot of damage. Better to focus on one, then turn it into a 3 on 4, then a 2 on 4, etc. (In PvP mode, this is a less effective technique, since even if you get it to 1 on 4, the one character gets a turn after every character.)

Characters to use: This is my opinion on which characters to use.

Cleric (8th Level): This is a no brainer. You have to have a healer. The bard has some healing, but not nearly as powerful. In my opinion, Halbenet is a must. Plus, he serves double duty as a semi-tank, good armor, good close damage. Good back up for your heavy tank.

Wizard (8th Level): I’m a big fan of Shevareth. At the lower levels she’s a decent range attack and at the upper levels she’s wicked against multiple enemies. I prefer her common spellbook to her rare, I found it more valuable to give a 200% punch to one, than a 75% one to two. Was not a big fan of her rare weapon, so I kept the common staff, better range was more valuable to me for her. When she gained her epic lightning staff and spellbook, she became the freaking best. Her common hood is good, gives a push attack that makes a monster waste a turn, her rare hood does essentially the same thing by holding the monster. So either works well.

Ranger (8th Level): My favorite character! Must have, dude is freaking badass, especially with rare bone hatchets. Half the time they rebound to three full enemy hits. I’ve used him to take down entire zones. His bow extends his range to 3 zones but only one hit, so I found his multiple attack with the rare more useful. Only 2 zone range, but heavy damage. His epic hood is another invaluable tool. It allows you to push an entire zone back, this is really useful for gaining breathing room and making enemies waste a turn moving back to you, it inflicts pretty decent damage too.

Barbarian (8th Level): I chose Raika for my tank. I’m only partially sold on her, I’ve gone up against Tommus enough in PvP to know he’s pretty wicked. In comparison, she has more life, but he has more armor, so takes less damage. She hits harder, and her common helmet, the snake skull, allows a single hit worth 250% damage. I’ve used this plenty of times to finish off a monster before it could get a hit on one of my guys. Her wolf skull pulls the enemy to you while inflicting damage, but that’s just means he’s going to get a free hit on you. Either he’s already gone, and will be first next turn, or he hasn’t and will get to tag you (or whoever) as soon as you’re done.

Fighter (8th Level): I’ve somewhat changed my tank to Tommus, as I just stated my case for Raika, now I’ve managed to get them both to 8th level and am playing around with which one is more valuable. Tommus has disarm, this is semi useful against certain monsters, to be blunt, found it more useful in PvP battles. His common bag and epic bag are great cause they heal, but I avoided his rare, taunt and AC aren’t as valuable to me. I preferred his rare sword to his rare axe, but probably just because it upgraded quicker, so was stronger, don’t see a big diff on the two. I don’t have it yet, but I’ve seen it used against me in PvP, so I’m a huge fan of it. His epic and legendary boots, allow him to move forward and attack, this is kind of the difference between why I want Tommus over Raika at higher levels. She tends to have harder hits, but not enough to compensate for has staying power and versatility.

Bard (7th Level): Calliope, not going to lie, not a big fan. If this game allowed one player, I’d probably chose her, decent armor, decent hit, heal, and a ranged attack. But that’s the problem, everything is decent. She can’t inflict damage like my other ranged, she can’t hit or stay close like my tanks, so while her overall is fine, I tend to like specialist’s.

Warlock (6th Level): My latest edition is Fariden, only got her to level six, but she seems to have potential. Like that her main attack includes a push 50% of the time.


Calliope can be somewhat useful in PvP, but it is hit or miss, eventually, she gets an item that gives her dominate so you have a chance of forcing an enemy character to attack its team. This can be really useful on the rare chances the enemy character uses an attack that attacks its entire team. Apparently, as it gets leveled up the domination lasts longer so even if the dominated character is using normal attacks that is more and more rounds the enemy is down a character.

The Tiefling rounds out my team of cleric, ranger, and wizard. She eventually gets a power that allows her to hold enemies for several rounds. If your initiatives are timed right, and you can use the ranger’s push to move everyone back a row then freeze them there for a few rounds you have created a wall between yourself and the enemies. This allows you to avoid massive damage and pick off enemies with ranger attacks. I power through about 10 levels in a row on explore fighting enemies five levels ahead of me once I got these two powers. Regenerate also helps a whole lot too since you can fully heal and have it almost ready to shoot again using that wall technique.

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Yeah… I don’t think I’m linking my banking account to anybody for gems.

I’ve tried the surveys and tests and those are mostly time sinks to make you look at ads, and I never seem to qualify for the survey.

I’m happy to look at something… try out a game, etc.

Very detailed. Thanks for the tips, Robert_Storm. :+1:

It was legit service, but I get your point.

How do they expect to make their money? What were they selling?

Totally Great Information! Very Helpful Information! Thanks!!! I Would Say Save Your Gems To 500, So You Can Get 10000 Gold, A Must Have If You Don’t Pay With Real Money, It Gets Very Hard After Level 8 Cost Way More Every Time You Level Up, I Just Hit Level 10 With Sevarri, He’s A Beast, I Wiped Out A Whole Team With One Critical Hit, He’s So Awesome!!! By Far The Best Out Of My Line Up, I’ve Been Playing For About 5 Months, Grinding Everyday For About 7 to 8 Hours A Day, My Main Lineup Has 3 Level 9’s And One Level 10, Give Ya A Little Idea On How Lon It Take To Level Up, Got To Have Patience If You Do Not Pay With Cash, It Gets Very Aggervatting, Little Tip, Just Take A Deep Breath And Let It Out Slow!!! LOL!!! Thanks Robert Storm!

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My Last Match

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Bunch of stuff had ads on it. Just ignored them and did survey or quiz.

@SweetShay23 You sir have proven that potato camera’s do in fact, exist. Mind B L O W N :smile:


Got To Love A Government Phone!!! LOL