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How to level Up Quickly?

Are you vip? If so, the lotto to get vip Dino’s will support leveling quickly.

If not, you’re doing all you can. Always expand any land for coins, never Dino bucks. Land expansions give a ton of xp.

Good luck.

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2 weeks? That is really fast! How did you get all that food ? I get stuck at the Missions that demand a certain number of level 40s,because I spend my DNA a lot,I just purchased 4 Rhamphorhynchus yesterday,and am out of more now. My hatchery is currently occupied, I do not know how do I make Up for the DNA,plus I also almost always use a lot if food,to level my main creatures.

Why do you need food to level?

I maxed the food factory when I hit Lv35, but even then, 1 million food doesn’t last too long.

I didn’t follow the storyline mission, I am on mission 34 or 35 right now.

What I noticed now that I’m not that new, is that the new players are racing to get the big dinos. I-Rex, Tapejalosaurus other hybrids etc. so you guys are burning through DNA.

If you didn’t spend DNA on rare dinos or higher, you could complete that Lv40 dinos requirement by making some Triceratops or Majungasaurus.

I only kept working/maxing out common dinos and kept my rare dinos pretty low level too, maybe 10 or 20. It was just the VIP dinos that I got to Lv10 as soon as I got them. I just hatched what I got from events/PvP. Most of the DNA that I spent were towards common hybrids.

Rare, SR dinos will eat a lot of DNA/Food early. If this happens a lot, you might want to consider your approach if you want to level faster. Commons doesn’t consume much food. Food is harder to get until you unlock Trade Harbor, so some days I didn’t feed my dinos.

At one point after Lv50+ the experience gained from the storyline missions were cut in half and they took too long for me to focus on. Almost all of my levels came from making decorations.

Even now, I’ve been maxed level doing Infinite Battles for a little over a month and don’t use DNA or much food. I just hatch what I get and still buying common hybrids, trying to finish my last common hybrid paddock. But others in my shoes might have spent the DNA that I saved up to start making Tournament Hybrids.

Food,cause,I run through it fast and need it to level my creatures,not my XP,and Food drains my Coins. I have been saving my coins since yesterday and have 900 k at the moment,all so that,I can get to participate in all the events this monday. I get all my dinos to as high of a level as I can immediately,I have a good bunch of rares at level 30,and 1 at 40,and a good mix of super rares at 20,and 1 at 30. I have 4 maxed Triceratops already,2 Maxed Majungasaurus . Sometimes I feel like I should not have fused a Alangasaurus and sometimes I feel grateful. I have to max my Alanqa and Tropeognathus,Utahraptor is also in the list(which I will probably hybridize later with Spinosaurus ,day after tomorrow is the Spinosaurus Earth Shattering. I am planning to max my Zhejiangopterus and Rhamphorhynchus.

Okay,I used to do the same as you ,however,I realised that if my hatchery was filled with event dinos all the time,I would not get the opportunity to do much in tournaments cause I always chase for a good finish in tournaments. That is when I started purchasing Dinos that would help me out,say Zhejiangopterus,I am not sure if I can pull of a predator finish for a second time,but surely a hunter finish.

It will take me atleast another week to reach level 45.

It seems like you are making dinos according to tournament? Was that why you hatched 4 Rhamphorhynchus?

When I started, my first week I was in Hunter, 2nd week I was in Predator and 3rd week I made it to bottom of Dominator.

I think working on leveling to 50 as soon as possible is better than trying to stay in Hunter League. The longer it takes you to hit Level 50, the longer you miss out on Trade Harbor.

2x Super Rares are probably worth about 3K DNA and a bit of resources in the pack for Hunter League. If you have to “invest” in these tournaments then you might be losing out.

Rhamphorhynchus helps make the hybrid Unayrynchus, not sure if you are going to get him soon or not but also DNA heavy, another con to focusing on this Ptero. Also has bad coin production rate, which you need a bit of early.

Zhejiangopterus is really expensive to buy using DNA at level 36. You could have used those resources to level through the missions.

See if you can watch videos for DNA or PvP for DNA. This will help you clear the level 40 dinos mission and just make a bunch of Lv40 common dinos that you think you would like to fuse into hybrids later.

You lose some time by fusing hybrids if you already unlocked it, but you save DNA that way.

There was a quest to have 100 dinos or something too and I filled most of my paddocks with common hybrids until I hit 100. Cleared the quest quickly and most cost-effective for me.

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I only need 3 more Zhejiangopterus to max it and I need 1 more rhamphorhynchus to max it. I have 2 Alangasaurus at level 20,1 at level 10. I focus on my dinos based on tournaments,my first tournament was a predator finish,I want to finish in Hunter this time only cause it is a rules tournament.

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Currently I have 5 maxed paddoks of non hybrid commons. Just these give me like 1.7 million coin every 3 hours. This is super cheap and super effective. I am playing since 3 month and I am level 84 and this is still about 1/4 of my whole coin production. Even now I am maxing the other common paddoks out.

I am maxing my Triceratops at the moment,currently I get 6600 every 5 minutes from my common paddocks.

In my opinion you should focus on Majungasaurus, Limnoscelis and Guanlong for first.

@Nestea , I am actually pretty satisfied with the Rhamphorhynchus and Zhejiangopterus,I won a matchup which I else would not have today because of those 2 guys.

If you are curious,this was all in Hunter league.


If you’re happy, that’s all that matters here.

I just thought you were wondering why your levelling speed is not that fast. I just wanted to point out that it was because you were chasing tournaments, focusing your resources on trying to be in a certain spot in a tournament.

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Yeah! That is true too,I guess I will focus on the missions and try to save up coins,cause on monday,we have many events. Hence,To participate in all of them,I need a lot of coin,after that point I will keep saving my coins till 10 million and bulk purchase expensive decorations.

Yeah! I got why my levelling speed is not fast,I cannot really combine the missions alongside my priorities,I will not be able to do much. Thanks.

I almost never spend my DNA maxing rare/super rare creatures. Save those until mid/late game when you have a lot of resources and need them for a hybrid. What do you need it for? Legendaries are much better. Food I almost never use, because I don’t feed a lot of creatures. I get by fine from using dinosaurs I get from events. I currently have over 3 million food and 50k DNA. 5k bucks and currently 500k coins. Always buy solid gold packs when you reach 10000 VIP points.

Bucks are currently making me slow down on leveling. Accidently wasted 500 bucks and I’m now refusing to use any more until I reach 5.5k bucks again. Taking forever to max 1 creature out for a mission.

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It takes a long time to get level 40 legendary Dino’s.

A rare or super rare hybrid where you only need two to be on par with legendary Dino’s is the ticket to quickly expanding your bench.

I would plan out which hybrids you have one Dino unlocked for and get those to level 40. And if you have both… move on those.

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I get my Super Rares and Rares up cause they help me out in the battlefield.

This week I want to max out the paddoks of the Alangasaurus and the Limnorynchus. I would have enough DNA and Bucks to either speed them all up or buy them all. Would you hatch like 150 hybrids in the creature discount to save DNA or would you do this on Tuesday to save Bucks in the hatchery speed up boost? Currently I have 130k DNA and 28k Bucks.