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How to level Up Quickly?

Bucks are currently making me slow down on leveling. Accidently wasted 500 bucks and I’m now refusing to use any more until I reach 5.5k bucks again. Taking forever to max 1 creature out for a mission.

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It takes a long time to get level 40 legendary Dino’s.

A rare or super rare hybrid where you only need two to be on par with legendary Dino’s is the ticket to quickly expanding your bench.

I would plan out which hybrids you have one Dino unlocked for and get those to level 40. And if you have both… move on those.

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I get my Super Rares and Rares up cause they help me out in the battlefield.

This week I want to max out the paddoks of the Alangasaurus and the Limnorynchus. I would have enough DNA and Bucks to either speed them all up or buy them all. Would you hatch like 150 hybrids in the creature discount to save DNA or would you do this on Tuesday to save Bucks in the hatchery speed up boost? Currently I have 130k DNA and 28k Bucks.

It’s easier to recoup DNA than it is Dinobucks


I didn’t care about the small amount of DNA you saved, 2-300 for those common hybrids. I hatched them all the time, everyday until they filled the paddocks, without using DBs.

If I were to wait for discounts to only hatch these, it would take a few months to fill a paddock. I just spent DNA to buy SR or higher hybrids and you know you have saved thousands of DNA.

I only have Alangasaurus. Moved on too quickly for other ones.

Same here, by the time I realized that I should be slowing down on park level and unlocking lower commons instead, I either missed them or didn’t understand how to unlock creatures (obviously I didn’t come to the forum or someone would have educated me). Now that I have a better handle on how the game is played (I’m far from an expert), I think I’m doing better. I’m trying to keep my lineup balanced before creating too strong of Dino. Also saving up resources and not going crazy and buying Dino’s. Mostly just trying to hatch the Dino’s I win.


I got 750 bucks today,600 from the Spinosaurus pack,200 each card and 150 from the Discover Jurassic Park Pack. Plus,I got another 2 Suchomimus from my Predator league pack. So,do I get my Suchomimus to level 30,and 1 of them at 10, or 10,20,20.

Where should I spend the DB? Save them or use them. By the way I completed another mission,currently all I have to do is get some coins from paddocks with high boosts for the next mission and I am level 37. Not to forget mentioning,level a Tapejara to 21 and Postosuchus beyond 15,I did the postosuchus one immediately. Only need 2 more Tapejara. I think once I unlock the trade harbor,I will keep some Apatosaurus fossils with me all the time,of course not without collecting the XP.

I usually use my bucks on hatchery speed ups. But in your level you almost get no long time hatching jurassics, so just save them in my opinion.


There is a bracketed tournament coming up. Unless the prizes are worse for lower brackets, this is another reason to stay at a lower park level.


Save the Dino bucks for later. 7 day Dino’s are the best value for speed ups.

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Save them. A lot of times you’ll need them to buy back creatures for tournaments.


Also be careful making your Suchomimus Lv30, can’t see what your other teams look like but you would want to have 6-10 “Lv30 Suchomimus” ferocity dinos so it’s easier for you to do events this week. Seems like a lot of events.

Sometimes it is better to have 2x Lv20 dinos then 1x Lv30 dino

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My bench is currently,:- Suchomimus 20,Zhejiangopterus 30,Nundasuchus 40,Kaprosuchus 20,Postosuchus 20,Raptor 20,Euplocephalus 20,Stegosaurus 20,Suchomimus 10,Alangasaurus 20,Alangasaurus 20 (again).

Do you have enough for a solid gold pack? If so, you can get a Lvl 30 Suchomimus.

I have 3000 Loyalty Points,I just spent 4000 today though,cause I wanted some DB,that was before winning the Spinosaurus pack though. I have 860 DB now.

I did open one,but I got a Tylosaurus in my previous solid gold pack.

I guess I will get ome when I have a Tropeogopterus or Spinoraptor,pretty sure those will be my next hybrids,but they will be far away. My level 20 Suchomimus is already my best creature, so I think that should be enough for a while. I am hoping for no more Suchomimus in my next predator finish,else I will be only 1 suchomimus away from maxing it.