How to link account to facebook?

I accidentally merged level 2 account with new phone, so can’t use apple login and can’t find Facebook linking for old account

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Just saw that, lol

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I would say maybe crop the support key

I’m not a malicious person, but there ar epeople who would take advantage of your accoutn


@Ned i saw some other posts and they only talk about signing in with an already facebook account, how do you connect ana account to facebook to begin with

I can see the login on new phone, but not old account


Hey @Colin, would you please send this info and your support key to so we can assist you further?

Thank you!

@Breona How hard would it be to change my game information over to my Facebook account instead of my wife’s Facebook account

Hello Lora_Green!
Our support team at can assist with a change as long as it doesn’t involve trying to merge two game accounts. Please include your support key when you message them.

@Davy it’s only one account when I started playing in 2015 I didn’t have a Facebook account so it linked to my wife’s Facebook account because she was signed in on my phone I have been playing for seven years nonstop just a pain keeping my wife’s Facebook account on my phone

I’m trying to get help to switch my game information from my wife’s Facebook account over to my Facebook account


No problem, you can email our support team at and they’ll be more than happy to assist with your request directly. Thank you! :slight_smile: