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How to log out of JWA

I want to create a second account for my kids to play on… how do I “log out” of my current account?

Need more info but…

You should be able to go to your settings upper left icon. Then click log out.

Thank you :pray:

My account is linked to FB and so will the Eldest’s be.

What more info do you need? I can provide:)

If your using Android phone. You can log out. And create a new Google account add as another user to your phone or device and it will reset your Jurassic account as well.

It’s an iPhone

Is only giving the option to sign in as guest

Ok I’m sorry.

Maybe you could log out on Facebook. Make new Facebook. Log on as guest and link to new Facebook.

That was one way we shared accounts \ made farms in other games

You will have to log into your iPhone with a different Apple ID. The game is linked to game center in the I phone. You could try logging in to Game Center under a different Apple ID but knowing Apple I would be careful.