How to make a poll here?

Seeing no options at all for a poll. Most forums have an extra button next to “create topic” that says, “create poll”

This forum doesnt seem to support this or I am blind as bat, as I dont see it anywhere.

When typing in the text box (either when creating a topic or replying to one) there is a picture of a small cog on the top right of the text box (next to the emojis). Click on that and a list pops up. The bottom one is “build poll”, click that and follow the instructions.


Right on thanks :blush:

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Hmm not seeing any options? Or cogs or emojis. Idk whats going on. Lol

Ah, mobile. Right. The whole cog and emoji description was for desktop. Never tried on mobile but by the look of the pic there isn’t much to go on. Maybe you could do it by hand with BBCode.

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Ahh ok I will try a desktop pc next time, tyvm.

For mobile you need to manually create poll with tags, like this

Is this helpfull?
[poll type=regular]
* Yes
* No

When posted it will be shown as:

Is this helpfull?

  • Yes
  • No

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Ottimo lavoro!