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How to make boosting less fun and more of a chore

Strike that. Reverse it.

The suggestion here is very simple. Make every other season an unboosted season, and reset all boosts at the end of every season.

That way you won’t have to worry about nerfs or buffs, and boosts would still very much play a role in raids, strike towers and advantage tournaments even during unboosted seasons. In fact, unboosted seasons would be a chance to focus your boosts on your tournament teams.

Unboosted seasons would be a chance to try out new creatures and familiarise yourself with them, even if you don’t have the boosts to make them viable in boosted seasons.

Perhaps rather than resetting all boosts at the end of each season, they could award each player 8 free total boost resets, each usable once on one creature (so that’s one for each team member). These could be purchasable in the market and winnable in tournaments too, if people want to unboost creatures that aren’t a part of their main team.

What do y’all think of the idea?


I like the total boost reset, but how would the unboosted seasons work? Would it just be every other month they don’t have boosts in the anera battles?

I believe boosts reset at end of each season has been proposed before. But the unboosted season every other month sounds intriguing, may bring up more gameplay varieties in arenas.

I like the idea. I think more regular boost resets are helpful for everyone, especially with different patches completely changing the meta. Having the unboosted season also allows for a totally different style of play. An alternative would be to have a ‘boosted arena’ and a separate ‘non-boosted arena.’

Really like the idea, simply don’t know how this could impact their profit generated from selling them, because if it could be something that generates less money i don’t think they will ever consider changing things…
Btw, really great idea. It would confer to the game that variability i’ve always asked for and the game still needs

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I lile this idea. Free boost resets for maybe a handful of creatures every season would benefit F2P players (and they wouldn’t be incentivised to pay for boosts anyway). People would build tourney teams and pay to boost those anyway.

in September, boosts would only count in strike towers, raids and tourneys but arena would be unboosted and in October everything would have boosts.

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The downside to that idea is it would be harder to find opponents, and most players would probably prefer the boosted arena. That said, if they manage the reward system right I think it could work.

The idea is that people would still keep purchasing and earning boosts for advantage tournaments and raids, while their main team boosts can be recycled for every other season. I’m not sure if that would work, but hopefully the fact that the game is more interesting would make up for that, with people less likely to leave or rage-quit.

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Its an interesting idea, but I’m not sure if it really fixes the problem. It would basically be what we have now, but with a break every other season. Now that break might be really nice, but the boosted seasons would still have all the same problems that our boost system currently has. And Ludia knows which dinos are the most desirable (I think), so they could easily put better season rewards behind only the boosted seasons. So you still have a situation where you need to abuse boosts to get good rewards, even if it wasn’t like that every season.

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True, it doesn’t fix any of the issues with boosts, but it allows players to be more flexible with them since they can move them around more often, which encourages diversity. And if you’re sick of boosts, you can just skip a season every now and then.


The suggestion here is very simple. Make every other season an unboosted season, and reset all boosts at the end of every season.

I like that idea, with each update they nerf or benefit creatures and are often not well powered

Alternatively, please return boosts for a creature whose stats have changed. For some, reboosting the whole team every month could be exhausting.

Those are both true. I’m all for boost resets giving more team flexibility. Otherwise people don’t experiment - they just keep the same boosted team, and the meta never changes. I also would greatly appreciate those seasonal breaks from boosts. It would be nice if someone could fix the boost system itself, but that’s obviously a bit more complicated.

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You do realize that people will put all their boosts into one or two dinos on their team everytime. They will not be diverse with their team.

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I think the diversity is more about which dinos they choose to boost. When you don’t get boost resets, you feel locked into the same team that you already boosted, even with the partial refund. You’re invested, so unless a new meta-defining dino comes along, you won’t switch or even try other meta relevant dinos. They just can’t be boosted up to the same level as the rest of your team unless you save up a bunch of boosts or buy them (which many players won’t do). So boost resets let players try out other dinos they might not have used otherwise. They may still pour all their boosts into one or two dinos, but maybe they’ll choose different ones every season as the meta shifts.


I love this idea. <3 From a player perspective and long term enjoyment of the game, this is great. But looking at is from a Ludia perspective, I can see this affecting Ludia’s bottom line, when it comes to boost purchases… An entire season of not needing boosts, means an entire season of people not feeling a need to buy boosts. They would say, sure, but you can build a friendly duel team, to “TEST” things out among your friends.


Advantage tournaments…?

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Thats a good point- they could do skill tournaments in boost seasons, and advantage tournaments during non-boost seasons. That would provide a lot of interesting variety.

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That’s a great idea! That could totally work.

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