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How to make coin quick?

I’m trying to get to battle stage infinite as fast as possible but the best way to make Xp for me is to just farm John hammonds. Any idea on how to get more coin production? Or just Xp in general. Here’s my base rn. I make about 10 mil coin a day.

Not sure where to start… there are so many things.

Create at least two rows for decorations if using park Oasis similar to how I have my main park setup with clock towers.

Organize creatures around your revenue towers that have the fastest refresh so as you are playing you can click them every ten minutes.

Hatch as many creatures as you can, they all contribute to coin production.


Lol sorry I didn’t show the right part of my park. I have 2 rows of heavy income. One for overnight dinos and one for every three hours. I know that level 40 dinos make loads more coin but sadly I’m not good on maxing every creature before I move on. Any other way to make quick XP? Becuase I could really use the dna from the battle stages as well as the good packs from infinite.

Exp grinding is really through doing the daily missions and decoration farming. Coin production is really what will support the decoration farming. It’s really all about optimization for how you play the game. When I had a younger park before there was a revenue beacon I made sure anything three hours or less was touching a revenue tower so as I was playing I was constantly clicking them every 10 minutes to maximize their use. And then the longer collection paddocks would be clicked on as I entered and exited the game. Again it’s about optimizing for your play style, and then just building on it over time.


Ok. I do the same I guess I just gotta be patient

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