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How to make "deliberate loitering" a viable skill

the truth is something that I do not understand, because it does not take priority like most defensive skills, such as dig in taunt (to say one).

Maybe it has it since it is a skill that is born in hybrids and super hybrids, but it is not the excuse here if that was the excuse, several abilities should suffer from this problem.

Such as:
-Deliberate Sidestep
-Deliberate Dig in taunt
-Deliberate revenge cloack
-Debilerate instant charche
-Deliberate Inmobilize
-Deliberate Invicibility

Obviously skills like “mutual fury” do not count as it is in itself a non-priority ability and has no priority variant

unsurprisingly, no one would like hybrids and super-hybrids to have that problem (or most) so with that being said, deliberate prowl should take precedence

It’s useful when the opponent uses a priority move, or against a faster opponent applying a debuff, or just to dodge an attack from a slower opponent.
There’s nothing wrong with it.

It not having Priority is kind of the point. That’s what makes it better in most scenarios.

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Deliberate prowl is kinda a remnant from last update. It’s like the avacado. It is part of an environment that no longer exists. This was a move that did well against creatures with instant distraction/invincibility, but now the big creatures don’t really use ID anymore, so that is a major loss. It’s still good against counter attackers, but it ain’t great


Even if Instant Invincibility Taunt was nerfed to only block one attack, DP still wouldn’t work against it because of the change in the shield system (move≠attack). This can easily be fixed by just having the move nullify or destroy shields though. That ought to make it more relevant.

that is why I say that it should be priority, it is his defensive ability, he needs priority against dinos like “Maxima”, “Tryko”, “Erlidom” and “Thor” who dominate the high arenas

It already has Priority against them, because all DP users are faster. The evasion also lasts for longer now if the DP user is Decelerated.
The only way to make the move better than it already is is to have it remove shields.

If you make it a Priority move, it’ll be practically useless.

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I feel it is unfair, it would help a lot in the high arena

As a thyla user I say it’s still very useful In some situations…but like all dodge moves the abundance of resilient creatures and the loss of so many ID really makes it very hard to use

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Used it against purutaurus with thylac


Although that fact it keeps the crit buff for two turns is actually very nice :joy: just mean I get two turns of 90% crit