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How to make dinosaur names (without combining names)

I’ve been messing around and making hybrids of dinos in the jwa toolbox, and sort of hit a roadblock in regards to naming. Currently I’m making a hybrid between dimodactylus and bumpy, but obviously I can’t really do the usual name combination here. My idea was to do some sort of thing where I use something regarding ‘armor’, ‘plated’, or something related to the ankylosaur family. Problem is, what language do I use? By that I mean, well, best way to explain is to use an example: stegodeus means plated god, but how do I do that? Sorry if this is confusing lol


I’ll say Latin and/or Greek are the best/most traditional options.


If I may suggest a name, Magnaeroventris, , meaning “great air belly”


Like @Saurophaganax18 said, I think its Latin, as every time I’ve read a dinosaurs name definition it always mentions Latin. Good luck with the hybrid! I’m all for the hybrid names that aren’t just a combo of ingredients names

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Oh, thanks ig. Just realized lol

Finished it btw, had to sleep and then forgot to post until now. But uh, boom:
image lmk if you guys think it needs a buff or a nerf (likely a nerf) Name means ‘flying club’


Oh don’t make a new name, just call it bumpy gen 2. That’s what scorpius Rex gen 3 did :laughing:

I would… if it didn’t fly

Happy cake day!

Thanks! I appreciate it