How to make DoT (Bleed) better and also Indirectly buff Cunnings

Bleed is a weird thing because unlike other debuffs, bleed affects health (over time), no other debuff has this effect. This might seem like bleed should be op, but bleed is only used by fierce creatures. Thats what fierce do, they do a lot of damage, thats the point. How you counter this? Cunnings.
Cunnings have the ability to counter fierce creatures, lowering attack, nullify damage/crit increase and bleed, but there is a problem, cunnings still get affected by bleed unlike vulnerable or distraction.

  • With vulnerable fierce can cleanse before resilients can do anything, same with distraction, but bleed is not the same.
    Because most cunning (almost all of them) are faster then a fierce, they will always get hit with the 33% or 25% bleed before they can cleanse it, but the problem is not the speed, but the bleed. Bleed is to powerful.

  • So, now what i thought is to rework the way bleed affects the target.
    Damage over Time” should mean: “The longer it goes on, the worst it gets” - This means that over multiple turns, the target bleeds more and more.

Let me show you this example:

  • We have the normal DoT that bleeds the target an exact % of health for 1, 2, 3 or 4 turns, so you will know exactly how much you will bleed in the next turn.

  • Now we have the new better bleed that affects the target the same way but, in the first turn it will bleed the health of the target by a small %, something like 5% or 10%. But if the bleed continues for 2 turns then the % of bleed will rise to something thats more dangerous like 20%, 25%. If the bleed continues for 3 turns (how the heck youre not dead by now), then the % will rise to something thats more terrifying like 40%, that should be enough. You get the idea.

But how would this make Cunnings better?

Well, Cunnings would still get affected by it, but before the bleed can affect more than 10% of the health, cunnings would be able to cleanse from it.

Even if a 3000 health cunning fights against a fierce with 2000 damage and bleed, the cunning will still have over half of its health intact, and this is a worst case scenario (assuming that the cunning can cleanse bleed and distract)

This might not be the best, cunnings are still affected by it, but think of this, fierce can still be affect by vulnerability if the opponent decides to switch into something that has swap in damage, aswell as some resilients can still get distracted by stuff like instant distraction.

  • An easier and lazy way to balance Fierce > Resilient > Cunning its probably to make all Fierce immune to vulnerable, speed, all Resilients immune to distraction and crit decrease and all Cunnings immune to bleed and swap prevention. This will solve the bleed problem, but also bring the extinction of fierce, resilient and cunning abilities.
    Maybe this is better… i dont know…this seems a bit boring but maybe this is the way.

Nice idea it should worsen as it goes I like it