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How to make Grypolyth tyrant

I used this boi so much and while he does require smart play, he can be brutal at times (nearly swept with it once in arena, did sweep with it in a friendlies game as well). Im honestly surprised it isnt a tyrant, and im going to say it’s because of its base damage and gets mauled by Thor and most chompers (it does extremely well against anything that lacks distraction, rending, or defense shattering moves). Then I remembered theres a specific move in the files that nothing has, yet would be a perfect fit on Grypo’s kit: Ferocious Defense Shattering Strike

This move is a basic attack that does 1x damage that bypasses shields and armor, but buffs damage by 33% for 3 turns. This would also make sense because Purrolyth has ferocious strike, and grypo used to have it as well before it got reworked in 1.7. I personally believe Grypo may be a slight bit broken with this attack (nowhere near as bad as the Rat or an overboosted Thor though).

What are your thoughts if Grypolyth were to receive this attack for it’s basic attack instead of DSS?


I was thinking of an alternate moveset for it not too long ago. It was Pinning Strike, Ferocious Strike, Rending Takedown and Long Invincibility, with rending counter as the passive, since it’s effected by ferocious. However, I’m not sure as to how balanced or unbalanced that would be. I’ve unlocked it, but I don’t use it on my team, so maybe some grypoly users can weigh in here.

Honestly, i think its kit is very good; a creature that relies on its counter to do some serious damage, prevent swaps, and one of the few counter attackers (if any) that can heal. I dont think the kit itself needs changed (way better than the one before 1.7) Ferocious DSS might be a bit overkill, but it would give more purpose to nullify moves and at least its counterable, unlike a golden rat we see 24/7

Grypolyth is by far one of my favorites, and unless it receives a major nerf, i dont plan on removing it from my team as well. Not many bad matchups (like i said, struggles with distraction, other renders (which are rare when youre in lockwood, so that one’s not as bad. Grypolyth vs. Grypolyth is entertaining af though), and chompers and magna), Obliterates Erlidom in 1v1, and the joy factor of using an ACTUALLY GOOD crocodilian (which we all know got a bad rap before Grypo and Sarcorixis’ reworks)

Definitely a very underrated creature


The moment I saw that move I wanted it to be given to grypolyth, and I don’t think it will be OP at all. Perhaps just enough so it can be a tyrant. The reason is, even if it can increase attack with this move, the rending counter damage won’t be affected. And it’s not like it can just spam the basic move without having to regenerate to survive. So I’m all for it.

The rending counter attack is affected by ferocity and distraction, so yes, it would buff the counter too

Part of the reason why Purrolyth went from one of the worst creatures in the game to being able to threaten Erlidominus, a tyrant

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Oh? Does it really buff the counter then? In the friendlies I did with purrulyth I was under the impression it didn’t.

Nope, ferocity buffs the counter as well

In that case It would be amazing for Grypolyth

Whats even better is that the move makes perfect sense on it as well since Purro has ferocity strike on it

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Hello together,
today i finally unlocked Grypolyth,put it on my team and boosted Health and Damage to Tier 6.
I was waiting for that moment for such a long time :smiley:
Could any of you more expierenced players give me an insight, of how to play it most effectively?
I´ve got a rough idea on how to use its kit but i´m interested on learning more about it. Thanks in advance
Cheers from Germany :slight_smile:

Grypo relies a lot on it’s counter to do damage, and its kit is designed to make it last as long as possible. Regeneration is important on this creature, as if this is used while long protection is up, it can take quite a beating. This creature has a hard time against big hitters like Thor and Tryko, and has a hard time against stuff with distraction. Anything that doesnt have those requirements, Grypolyth is capable of annihilating. Not to mention that Immobilize is a fantastic move, preventing swaps and allowing Grypo to finish something off, or use it as a set up for another creature if grypo itself is about to go down

Caution: this creature is hard to use when you first play it, trust me. It requires smart play to be truly effective. But if you use it properly, itll reward you handsomely


Hi Ketchup, thanks for your feedback.
I had a lot of friendly battles yesterday and it´s really fun to play with.
I found it most effective to play at the very end, when most of the opponent dinos are low on health.

I would love this guy to have a pinning move, I wanted him specifically because I hoped he had one… Guess I should do my homework?

All the same, if I did put him on my team I’d love for him to get the FDSS and a rending ability. That way, I don’t feel like I’m weakening the team overall just to protect myself from the Rat.