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How to make it so we can play ALL the Creatures

The problem as a higher player with these neat new creatures that come out is we will not be able to play them except in friendly battles. Here is a PvP system suggestion so we can make teams of all sizes and play the new creatures also.

#1 - Make the Arena’s we fight in based on team average. This way we can put together teams of all levels and play against others of the appropriate level. The incubators we earn will be based on what arena we played and won in. This way also players can play for specific incubator creature in specific arenas by putting a team together of that appropriate level.

#2 - The amount of boosts earned should be based on player level instead of arena because of the above new ability to play in any one we can with the creatures we have. This will give incentive for players to keep playing and create more and higher creatures in order to be able to earn more boosts.

#3 - Boosts. If a player is matched up with another player who has no boosted creatures on their team, the battle will play without boosts. MEANING… If you think you can boost a little creature and run over a new player or even an old player whose team has no boosts, your boosts will be stripped for that battle… Good Idea?

Like I say, the draw back of being a seasoned player is I can’t play these new creatures in PvP. I’ll never get them up to my team level. It’s great to have added new creatures but it is no fun for us old players.


With regards to #1 I have said pretty much the same thing since launch but no one supports the idea.


How would trophies work with #1 though? Would they just become meaningless?

I supported it Colin, and said the same thing as well, level caps for specific arena levels FTW.

It would help the lower level arenas a lot, but wouldn’t change anything for aviary, and very little for Lockwood etc. etc.

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Thing is you can play them eventually… Just you have to work on them the way the rest of us lower level played have to work on end game Dino’s.

My self I agree with that other fella who was talking about calling his Dino’s at like level 20 or 21…

In the real world where Ludia is in the business of selling boosts 3 will never happen.

They want everyone buying boosts they are certainly not going to give people on out to buying boosts.

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I think we would still continue to collect trophies in battle, but they would only be of use during Seasons

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All dinos should not be equal or equally playable. Let’s have these minor league tourneys that make them relevant and other things, I think that’s great.

Doing this would also mean we would not need a broken 50:10 equation too

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Yeah, I don’t get that either.

If they had a legit reason for the Aviary matching disparity then it isn’t anything obvious. :thinking:

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Here, for those who haven’t seen it, what I suggested initially about a year ago…

The problem is that this really needed to be implemented much earlier or even better at time of release. As I recall a lot of players hated the idea because it meant they couldn’t use their powerful dinosaurs to crush the lower players. I still think this would have been a better way to handle the Arena and would have done away with the matchmaking issues.