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How to make JWA great again

Since its been a long time i created big topic here, i now feel the responsibility to create another one and maybe motivate Ludia HQ + devs to make playerbase happy. We all love this game, thats why we are here. So i will try to suggest few suggestions on how to make this game better. Some of them were maybe previously mentioned, some of them will be new here since i discussed them only with my teammates.


1) Periodical shuffle events
I think this is the most important suggestion from them all since we pay real money to stay competitive. Lets say Shuffle event per each 3-4 months without nerfs. When dino is nerfed or changed, all boosts should have been refunded automatically from that dino.
Plus give players chance to deboost dinos without penalty. Shuffle tokens would have been super welcomed here. We could get them from event, buy them from time to time or reach them from hard achievements.
2) Improved VIP
I pay VIP basically from day one but i dont think its worth it anymore. Not mentioning the fact the VIP increases next month in most countries.
So if you want deserve out money, then give us more benefits than we currently have.
3) Sanctuary management
It would be really helpful to have some Sanctuary tools to manage Sanctuaries (kick dinos, name Sanctuary etc).
4) Aliance tools
This was discussed many times before. Aliance leaders are in bad position since they cant identify activity od every player since we only see last login, requests and badges.
We would like to know how active our players really are, how many fights they do per week, how many darts darted etc.
5) Tournament (Championship)
I think we all know having once 4 week Championship and other week having 5 week one is unfair.
So i appeal here on Ludia HQ to make every Championship 5 week to keep healthy tourneys all the time. Not mentioning the fact they are badly designed and balanced when we have 4 week one. Its literally impossible to reach top tier rewards.
6) Seasonal
Previously we were much more motivated then now to reach as best as possible rewards since we had been giving Coins + HC. Now we can only get DNA. Most of the time useless one. Im not talking about to give us boosts, but DNA + HC and at least coins would have been welcomed by community with opened arms.
7) Raids
Raids are good addition to the game but in these days we feel forced to raid every day. My suggestion is remove all bosses from the map, make separate tab in the game and let us raid all bosses whenever we want.
Another point leads to raid animations. They are too long and therefore some raids are pointlessly long as well.
8) Balance
Im not sure if we ever had a game balance. Maybe before boosts were introduced. Previous problems were Apexes since they were too strong which has been a bit balanced with new patch but some other dinos like Testa went skyrocket to universe. So my only wish here is balance all Uniques and Apexes to the same level to keep arena healthy.
9) Swap in abilities balance
Right now swap in abilities are heavily unbalanced. While some of them are supermulti abilities like Critical ambush or Swap in stunning strike, some of them are ultra useless like Swap in 66% stun or Nullification. This must have be fixed.


1) Despawning dino detector
I guess we are all on the same boat when we hunt something really exclusive and try to reach the best range to dart all the darts and then suddenly dino disappears, it really hurts…
I suggest here to make dino blinking last minute till despawn. The closer till the despawn the faster blinking is.
2) Gyrosphere
We all saw Jurassic World movie and i think its good idea to have Gyrosphere on the game. Lets say it would work like scents. For example 1 Gyrosphere ride per day for 20 minutes starting on current location.
3) Dron perks
This could also work with improved VIP membership i mentioned above. Lets say there are 15 darts on the time limit like now + we would have a chance to put a perk there to improve some aspect of the drone like better battery, faster, darting, dna multipliers, bigger crosshairs, darts which slows down dinos etc.
4) Arena perks
These would have opened with arena activity, which would highly motivate players to battle more since everyone would want to have a chance to have for example higher attack +5% on all dinos, or HP, speed, bigger crit rate or even dodge. It would be on everyone which perk he activates.
5) Hybrid moves custonization
This could refresh arena extremely. Lets say every hybrid has 3 moves on each position to choose between. Then on arena when you click on oponent dinos, the move would be greyed out or show only these 3 possibilities on each position.
Plus there would have to be mechanics which prevents dino making too OP. So for example moves would be valued from 1-4 points and player could only set up a team with maximum 10 points.
6) Dino skins
Dino look customizing could be really fun element of the game. Who wouldnt want zombie dinos…

Hope you guys had fun reading my suggestions here and we will see if Ludia listens their community and implements some of them. :beers:
@Ned @E.D


Absolutely love these suggestions.
One in addition.
Twice a year we have a bug fix update. No new dinos, no changes, no content, no expectations.
Literally fix all the bugs. Not a single player would complain about this.


I feel like every time there is a ‘balancing’ some creatures people have been using get nerfed into oblivion, which makes the need for periodic shuffles all the more necessary. But there could be a way around this, instead of calling for nerfs or buffs, leave things the way they are and limit what can be used by arena. Before this update there was a call for a resilient nerf, and having read the forums it seems like the community had more of an issue with lux and magnus rather than all resilients. Apex creatures pose an issue since low level players can obtain them with the help of a good alliance, and seeing a lux in badlands would surely ruin someone’s day. So fix this using a mechanic already in the game, limit levels and rarity to arena level, like raids. Limit apex use on teams to library and above, and set a level and boost cap, much like raids. These caps wouldn’t permanently alter a creature, so you could have a 30 thor with max boosts on your team but in aviary it would behave as the same creature in a smilo raid. This would also prevent the dropper issue and improve quality of life for lower tier players. As for higher tier players, by not constantly adjusting creatures stats they can feel more comfortable with their investment. To keep things from getting stale slowly add new and useful creatures. Compso and sr3 shook up the meta enough without completely changing things and gave players who already have everything something actually useful for work towards. Just my 2 cents


Good ideas. My suggestions

  1. No habitat zones or exclusives. Everything can spawn in the wild. Gives an incentive to go out looking for the creatures you want.

  2. ELO system for matchmaking rather than trophies. No resets. Arena backdrops would be “rewards” to unlock as you played.

  3. Boosts limited to 6-6-6 per creature but free boost swapping.

  4. Aquatics as a seperate Arena just like JWtG.

  5. VIP would give enhanced drone range and battery life, bit as long as subscription renewed without dropping, would give an Epic incubator.


Hey HUN73R, thank you for the suggestions! I like the idea of a separate Raid tab! :slight_smile:



Great Ideas

  1. I’m in
  2. I’m totally in
  3. it is on the Road,it will be implemented
  4. it is on the Road,it will be implemented
  5. good but i would not feel bad if not implemented
  6. totally in
  7. Have done this suggestion before,Totally In
  8. Uniques same level of Power with Apexes,totally in
  9. Swap In abilities must lose the damage effect,so i’m in


  1. Suggested by a lot of people ages (years ago),i’m in
  2. Like a legitimate spoof for 20 minutes.(suggested it before.i’m in)
  3. it is on the Road,it will be implemented
  4. nice suggestion,i’m in
  5. customizable Dino ,suggested it before,i like it.Hard to implemented
    But every Dino could have a power level.Therefore if a team is allowed to have 30 points,the player must manage to not exceed this number.Therefore he cannot have multiple broken Dinos.
  6. Not my thing,but i would like to see it if there can be sort of an income for the company.

Nice suggestions. I think a boost shuffle timetable would be really helpful to give people certainty when boosting. Even if it’s only twice a year, people at least know where they stand and can plan accordingly.

The addition of the increased dart capacity and the ability to turn vibration off were both simple and helpful changes and, you could argue, well-overdue.

Here’s some simple improvements (avoiding anything bug or arena-related) I’d like to see:

  • Visual indicator to show when a wild creature is about to disappear (perhaps with a minute to go)

  • Sanctuary ID. Naming sanctuaries would be ideal (and may appear after the recent poll), but if not, then assigning a unique ID once a sanctuary is activated would be a massive help for communication and management.

  • Removal of visual cap on creature DNA. I have no idea why it exists. Fine, have a cap on the maximum DNA you can hold, but what is the point of showing a number significantly less than that?

  • Alliance noticeboard. A single text page that leaders can post basic member information, requirements, tips, rules and external resources. Alliance chat is a mess.

  • Invite to Raid. Option to send a raid request to someone directly using their name and ID. Potentially much easier than the current friend request faff and associated issues.

  • Bonus rewards for top 3 weekly tournament contributors in each alliance.

  • Increased Interactions limit to 12 to align with Feed and Play. It makes no sense that it’s different to the others.

  • Daily scents. In a world with Giga scents, the 5 minute scents from supply drops is obsolete. Replace with a scent that attracts the daily creatures on whatever day it is activated.


Invite to raid function, yes please! Would save so much trouble with all the friend requesting

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I like this but I think it might kind of ruin the dinosaurs if you turned a T Rex into a zombie dino with exposed skin.
Maybe we could change dino colours though - e.g. brown to green or red to black.


Totally love this post for me

Improved VIP rewards

Alliance tools

Raids tabs

No more exclusives let everything be wild


I like all the idea,'s but i would also like aquatics to the game. Like an kind of special map for them or just everywhere to find by water. Like lakes, sea enz. Also i would like to get the dinosaurs: Rexy, Toro and Dire Wolf


Most of these are good suggestions, but here’s my complains and other suggestions:


  1. Gyrospheres
    I think that there’s a better way to include Gyropheres, such as events like the one in JW:TG, but with more theming: Gyrosphere Tour, Cretaceous Cruise, Balloon Ride etc.

  2. Hybrid moves custumization
    The game revolves around strategy of the known moves, changing attacks will make a team built around countering a widely used creature useless, since said creature could counter the whole team with custumized moves; although this could be a particular.

  3. Dino skins
    I have several questions: why don’t make already existing creatures skins for Gen 1 dinos? Why do I have to unlock 3 ankylos while Gen 2 and Bumpy could simply be skin? Also, I don’t think there are many skin ideas…


  1. More polls
    Everyone liked the poll about work in progress hhybrids and features, I think they should do more of those in critical choices.

  2. Trial Tournaments/Battle
    They could make a tournament where you unlock every creature at lv.26 and try different squads.

  3. More Creatures from the other game
    I would just like more creatures from JW:TG since we already have the models and JWA seems to be getting new things that in the other game are impossible to implement as for now, so I hope that we get those in Ludia’s “big money” game.

Let’s start with fixing all the bugs perhaps…


I just got an bew idea. Cause you have a limited of times you can change ypur profile name… but i guess… it can be better for always. Cause you can always have an new idea for an name.
Maybe from a game, serie or something else. And when you have used your limited time of changes for the username, it’s a little sad you can’t change it to a new cool name right? So maybe Ludia can do it that you can always change name, how?

For now i got this idea:

You have to do this before you can do it:

  1. You can change it like 7 days after the last change

  2. You will be for the first 10 times, like coins, first not much like 50, 500, max. 5000 coins ( but i guess 5000 is too much)

  3. You can also do it for cash, so like 50 cash max for an change of name.

This is for now it idea, plz help me with think about it.

(Maybe i will later make an topic about good idea’s for future alive… but i will think about that)

That is perfect.

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i really like those ideas

I do have another suggestion: Raid Chats

We all know inviting random alliance people to raid can be chaotic espicially if they use the wrong creature. IT would be much easier to have a raid lobby chat so we can coordinate what to use and strats


Nerf Testa
Boost reset
Compensate players appropriately for mistakes
Communication with players not at them
QA for devs
Proper Agile Methodology
I can go on but why, no one is listening
BTW why was Ardentis 2.0 nerfed so fast but Testa, the most OP creature ever is left to fester and ruin pvp?


Testa is ok, its buff is nerfing the swap-in meta, which is way annoying than few hp regained after every attack

Testa is NOT ok. It’s broken. It’s defining the game right now. It’s so bad no one is complaining about skoona being broken. A priority distracting impact and a vulnerability counter attack, 30% armor, etc. Its ridiculous as well. Testa is so OP I don’t see one single thread complaining about it.

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Skoonasaurus is probably as strong as ardentismaxima was when 2.0 was released. Possibly stronger even. However testacornibus is miles ahead of skoonasaurus!