How to make Ludia fix bugs

I don’t know it it’s connected but I want to believe there is a way how to make Ludia fix the bugs.

A couple weeks ago I found a bug in suchotator lethal wound that had 1 turn cooldown instead of 2 written in description. I made a forum topic but Ludia hadn’t reacted like usually.

Then I wrote to like Ned said. I got a typical response like they know and they will fix, bla-bla-bla. In few days I got another mail asking me to rate feedback service.

And I rated it with 1* cause they hadn’t done anything, the bug is still actual. Few days later it was fixed.

So since they don’t listen to us here, let’s report the bugs to and rate their feedback service 1* after that. May be that will work. I hope so. And I will write too.


And what about this??? Today epic monolopho, yesterday Kaprosuchus, some days before another…

Losing so many important DNA…


So you’re the one that had them fix that little mess up. My Suchotator is not happy. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hoping to get this message out enough to at least alleviate some of this issue. If you go into your dinos, view a dino then go back to the map the trapped dino will appear before the tower and you can quickly target it. I know it doesnt “fix the issue” but at least you dont miss the dna


Sadly this doesn’t work for me.

@Tenterro I will give it a try, why not? After all is just wasting 1 minute of my life, 1% of my time spent trying to tap a dino in the concrete…

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This hasnt worked since the last couple of updates; strike towers now spawn noticably before the dinos, so no matter how much I mash my finger on the point where the dino will be, the tower will always be there first

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The only way to truly make ludia fix a bug is to make it a financial issue for them. If it’s costing them money, or will potentially cut into their profits, you better believe they’ll get right on it. If it doesn’t, or in fact might indirectly cause players to have to spend more, they’ll leave it forever.


thanks a lot. I will post this in my Telegram group cause we are always losing these good opportunities

I wonder if service provider or phone type affects this, Ive used this method without fail as recently as a few days ago

Doesn’t always work anymore. Yesterday I tried to get a Baryonyx that was trapped in one of those godawful things. EVERY TIME I went back to the map after clicking on a dino in my collection the damn strike tower loaded BEFORE the dinosaur! :rage:

Wow… So we had a work around to there unresolved issue and they intentionally made it not work…


I wonder if they enjoy causing the players so much frustration? Why don’t they fix the bugs?? I could’ve sworn that they said they would fix bugs when 1.5 came out, yet AFAIK NONE of them were fixed!

Last time I checked, games were supposed to be fun. Why do most of these GPS-based mobile games have so many unresolved issues, which remove that fun?


It’s a sad fact of our modern times that games aren’t meant to be fun. Rather they are superficial platforms designed to force parasitic monetisation down our throats. The actual functionality of the game is irrelevant as long as people play it.

Games aren’t made for gamers anymore, they’re made for shareholders.