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How to make PvP more strategic

A very simple suggestion that makes PvP more strategic. When your dino dies another one from your team replaces it. Everything else stays the same: you start with 4 random dino from your team, you have to beat 3 opponent dinos. But replacing lost dinos with new ones adds more variability to the battle, especially to the end-game. So you can play not only 4 dinos from your team but 6 maximum.

Now PvP is ruled by RNG. RNG which dinos you get (when I see my 4 selected dino I usually can say if I lose or if I at least have a chance), RNG with crit (one lucky crit can win the game), RNG with immunity (get stunned when you have 75% stun immunity kills all the strategy). There’s only about 5-10% of strategy in PvP. And there were a lot of topics about it. This simple suggestion can add more room for strategic moves and decisions.

Another way to reduce RNG: let you choose which dino to swap to after using an auto-swap move, instead if just the next dino to the right. Although swap-in moves are very good, Swap-out moves are very unreliable because you have no control over which dino you swap to: it’s all RNG. This way, you could make swapping teams more consistent.


IMHO the best way to fix PvP is have matches 3v3. You would get 4 dinos to start with 3 in play, group moves suddenly matter more as does targeting. Swap in damage becomes significant but also limited.