How to make stops like in Pokemon go


Wondering how to make stops the little squares where you get goodies


Follow the instructions. It says “tap to open”. If it says “move closer” … move closer :+1:


I was wanting to know if we could personally make stops like you could on Pokemon go


No, nothing like that has been implemented at this time. Could be pretty cool…but we’ll see. I’m sure Ludia has other cool features in the works.


Thanks for the info I hope they do something like that’s it would be cool :wink:


Weren’t Pokemon Go’s stop added by trusted Ingress members of very high level? That was how they “allowed players to make stops” the last time I read about that kind of feature.


I’m not sure how they did it . I just think it’s cool it’s a game to get people off there butts and outside walking :blush:


I actually contacted them about that a few weeks ago they said “Unfortunately, we’re not able to fullfil individual request for more supply drops closer to your preferred location. Supply drops are subject to move based on Points of Interest (POI) and real-world data information”.


That’s actually some interesting information