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How to make swap in moves better?

I’m curious to see your ideas on how to make them better, i personally think that it would balance it out more if the swap was not a priority move, instead use the creature speed, if it’s faster than your opponent you go first then they make their move, if the enemy is faster, you go after their move.
What do you guys think?

I like swap in moves, except for rampage. They should go first, I think it’s a more fun mechanic that way.
More uniques should get them, makes a nice battle experience.


Despite some people disagreeing with me, I still feel the better way of handling moves should be as follows.

  1. Dinosaur swaps out and new one swaps in,
  2. Priority move from dinosaur that did not swap out/in, if applicable.
  3. Swap in action.
  4. Normal move/attack if applicable.

I believe what @Tuophysis says in another topic could work too.
Revenge rampage
Deal 2x damage. If your opponents creature uses a priority move or a swap in attack, this move acts first, bypasses armour, pins target for 2 turns and has 100% chance to sun opponent for 1 turn
Cooldown 2


Glad to see that some people like my move concept :grin:


@Colin_Goodman has it right. Priority moves should go before swap-in moves. They are called “priority” right? This isn’t the way Ludia programmed it but it would be the more fair option. This would allow for some strategy against those players who use garbage strategy. It’s stupid that people can have 4k+ priority damage that you can’t do anything about. But if they have to swap in against an Instant Charge that attacks first, or a cloak that will activate upon their swap in, they might have to actually think and develop an actual strategy for a change.


Exactly. People would complain less about animals like Dracoceratops, if they can potentially counter it with a priority move. You still have to second guess each other but it adds a level of fair strategy to the Arena.


I don’t think swap in moves will be useful at all this way. I like the element of surprise as long as it’s not a kill.

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I don’t think we should nerf all swap-in moves just because of the existence of Dracoceratops. Balanced things like Monostegotops, Edmontoguanodon, etc shouldn’t get an indirect nerf just because some other dino with a Swap-In ability is broken. Just nerf the problematic dino, being DC. Boom, done.


I’m all for a DC nerf but it will never happen. And people can claim that losing DSR was a nerf but it was still a buff since it had an attack increase. I just think priority moves should go before swap ins. It would shake things up a little and allow counters to be used.


I only used Dracoceratops as an obvious example. The same thing can be said of any swap in ability dinosaurs.

Like I mentioned in a previous rant a few days ago - get rid of all swap in damage. Swap in effects only - ferocity, stun, dodge, bleed, distract, and nullify.


Bleed is damage too. It kicks in right away. Or do you want it to wait a turn?

I consider bleed an effect that causes damage - not direct damage like strike or rampage. If you time a cleanse against a swap in bleed, it causes no damage, or a swap to an immune creature - no damage.


I’m fine with swap in bleed even though i was never fine with the bleed buff they added a long time ago. I still think that’s BS. Swap in bleed can be used strategically, like when you know your opponent is gonna do instant distraction or something like that. I don’t like it when that happens to me but you can’t help but say “nicely done” when they time that right.

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An idea could be to have both sides alerted to the swap in moves the opponent has at their disposal before the battle starts. Would allow for more strategy since you know you can switch out into an armoured meatshield before getting DC bombed.

An idea I came up with a while ago, akin to some of the suggestions y’all’ve come up with.

I’ve always been a supporter of the idea that swap-in abilities should take priority over priority moves, but now that I think about it, it could make for some interesting gameplay. Sure, creatures like Edmontoguanodon, Paramoloch, anything with Instant Charge, the Indoraptor duo, Procerathomimus, Phorusaura and most creatures with Regeneration (Grypolyth, Purrolyth, Dsungaia, Dracoceratops) would have the potential to become really annoying, but it’d just be another one of those changes we’d have to adapt to.
I still wouldn’t ask for it, but I wouldn’t mind it too much.

Swap in abilities should be removed at all. It’s not reasonable getting ratted 95% of the time.

If the rat’s SI-Rampage is your only gripe with the mechanic, don’t take it out on all the SIAs.


Most the player base knows its op. That’s why a huge percentage of players use it. No matter how many justifications you read. Numbers and percentages of times you get ratted doesn’t lie.

All swap ins are fine except one of them. Swap in rat and rat jr. And aside from swap in rat the procerat. This is the worst part of the game entirely… OP annoying repetitive dinos and Thor isn’t really one of them thor is pretty easy to kill. But combined with the other two it isn’t.