How to make the game better

As it for now , the shields dont get enough respect where everybody seek for shield destroying creatures .
The solution is to make the shields to be 35% ± effective for 100% shield against shield destroying hits. That way pepole will want to hold more shielded creatures in their roster and the game will be smarter and more fun.
Also in real life shields tend to soften the damage of sharp hits as well.
Evasive & cloak :
These should be 40 % effective against first hit and 65% effective against second hit . That way will reach the fairness of losing a turn and yet give more or less equale odds to both sides and not to be based on luck coin flip.
Instant actions should have priority over the rival’s replacing in a creatures.
That way the game will become more strategic and less based on luck .

Step 1. Sell it to a company that listens to their players.
Step 2. Profit.



I wrote something similar some months ago.