How to make the grind more satisfying?

I’ve been putting a lot of time in this game, haven’t spent any money yet, but I have a team of 4 level 6 characters

My progression has hit a pretty solid brick wall. I can do the challenge dungeons every day, and slowly inch through the adventure mode as I get stronger, and pray that rngesus gives me spawns to let me complete quests, and open a pvp chest every 4 hours, and even STILL. I haven’t been able to level a character or even upgrade equipment for the last 4 days.

I’ve never played an rpg that made me feel the grind so much at level 6. I haven’t even beaten the third fire giant in the mine yet, and already this grind feels like it’s taking an eternity. Spending 10 dollars a month on this game doesn’t even seem worth it because it would just turn the grinding from unbearable to merely torturous.


I’ve ground tons of Sharpstone keep. I’m now at 7x lvl 9 and 1x lvl 6 character. Whenever I can I still have to grind the Sharpstone keep, until my lvl 6 character becomes strong enough to take a few punches at the next challenge. Then I’ll likely start grinding there.
I sometimes grind the next challenge (without the lvl 6), when the rewards are much more interesting to me, but most of the time it is sharpstone keep nonetheless.

  • Finishing exploration nodes increases the rewards received from secret rooms
  • Getting to higher arena levels increases the rewards from battle chests
  • Try to complete challenges (when they seem worthwhile): If you can ‘only’ 2-dice the sharpstone keep, it might take a small calculation to see if it is still profitable, but anyway, 50g for 4x52 (or 38, …) xp and possible epics (but very often rare items or cash returns) seems worthwhile

Upgrading rare and common items to level 3 net a high cash/exp ratio.Even if you have common items you’re not going to use, it is just a cash investment to get xp. It helps.

When I was lvl 4, I ground the exploration (finish 2 rooms, quit the 3rd), because I couldn’t do much in the Keep. That was quite rough, though…
Now I also have an exploration node open which can give me 30xp per run before I quit (3x10). I still sometimes do it, when I don’t have the full 5-6 minutes to complete the keep (like when I’m waiting for my League game to start)

Interestingly, it gets better once you get another level or two. Basically, I found that once I could reliably finish all three Sharpstone bosses, the pace accelerated, and it got even better once I could do Frostsilver (some of the epic items are really key for this, like the warrior’s epic sword and shield, for its proc). Now, as long as I don’t try to rush things too much (like trying to power level a character by upgrading ALL of their items), I can do the gem and gold challenges every week to keep those levels up, and slowly feel like I am making progress without having to spend actual money.

That said, I remember the wall you are hitting right now, and its brutal. Depending on the characters you are using and the gear you get, it will take a while to slog through, but it does get easier after a while (I assume it will get really rough again eventually, too - it already is basically a game of “pray for legendaries” at this point).

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I actually overestimated my progress in my original post, I only have 2 characters at level 6

I have Fighter and Cleric at level 6, with Bard and Wizard at 5, Rogue is trailing at level 4 since I dont use her. I have no epic weapons.

Can someone maybe give me some advice on this dungeon? Because spending so much time on a run and not even getting the chance at a good reward is a pretty miserable existence

Tip for Sharpstone keep:

  • Killing the app and restarting it refreshes your room (to deal with bad initiative/enemy crits/bugs/…), but it also happens after long inzctivity, which does occur after connection issues and such…